Thursday, June 8, 2017. 21:48GMT
Trailer Loaded With Rice And Other Food Items Vandalised In Kano

Unknown persons Wednesday reportedly looted a broken down truckload of rice, and assorted food items in Kano metropolis.

An eyewitness told Vanguard that the incident occurred at Gwammaja in Dala Local Government area of the metropolis when a truck loaded with rice, spaghetti and macaroni broke down along the busy road during the evening rush hour.

Vanguard learned that the truck was from the popular Singer Commodity market on its way to an unknown destination to deliver the goods but broke down along the way. The account added that as the occupants of the truck were trying to fix it, the bags and cartons on the back of the vehicle caught the attention of youths who swiftly pounced on and looted it.

The eyewitness said “as I arrived at the scene, I saw youths including some middle-aged men that were busy tearing off the cantons and sharing the spaghetti and the macaroni. Others who stole bags of rice were seen running away to some places in order to share it,”.

Speaking further, “when I came to the place, the vehicle had already zoomed off but people were busy sharing the commodity. But my friend told me that they swooped on the truck as soon as it got faulty. I also saw some security agents at the scene but I did not see Policemen until I left the scene. The eyewitness who was shocked over the unfortunate incident further said that one person was reportedly arrested by the occupants of the vehicle when he returned searching for his motorcycle’s key in the truck.

“This showed the extent of poverty,  mindlessness and lack of civility in this country because there were some people looking like gentlepersons involved in the act. It is very sad and unfortunate,” He added. Although an official complaint was lodged at Dala police station, when contacted, the spokesman of the Kano State Police Command, DSP Magaji Musa Majia said he was not aware of the incident. He pleaded for time to enable him to investigate the matter.



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