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Do Americans Love Lawless Nigeria, as Implied by US Envoy to Nigeria?

US Ambassador to Nigeria, Stuart Symington

Amidst abuse of human rights, corruption and lawlessness that the  Nigerian state is known for,  US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Stuart Symington, has implied that all Americans love Nigeria as a state and, therefore, support its lawlessness and its forced unity.

The US ambassador said this on Monday, 20th June, 2017, when he, alongside top officials of the embassy,  made an official visit to Senator Abiola Ajimobi, governor of Oyo state, in Ibadan.

In his words as reported by Vanguard, he said:

"This visit is not just a courtesy call; It is in continuation of America’s vision and mission. We are looking forward to working with your state to set up a new pace in development."

“We are happy to be here and I’m telling you that Nigeria as a country is loved by all Americans and even in the world for the sake of the unity the country uphold,”

With this speech, Mr. Stuart Symington has cast aspersions on the stance of Trump's administration to lawlessness, corruption, and abuses of human rights.

Nigeria is a lawless state with a president that shows contempt to constituted authorities, disobeys courts orders and shows higher dictatorial tendencies in a democratic setting.

Nigeria has a military that kills citizens and buries them in mass graves, citizens who engage in lawful activities. They kill pro-Biafran activists, Shiites members, as well as abuse citizens in Boko Haram, ravaged States.

Maybe I remind the envoy that the country he said Trump's Americans love was the only country in the world that killed the supporters of Trump on the day of Trump's inauguration as 45th POTUS.

On that 20th of January, 2017, the pro-Biafran activists who supported Donald John Trump during his campaign and subsequently ventured to celebrate his victory in Igweocha (Port Harcourt) met their untimely death as they were shot by trigger-happy soldiers that the Federal Government of Nigeria led by Gen. Muhamadu Buhari deployed to quench the celebration.

Going by what Symington said, it simply means that all Americans love the atrocities that the Nigerian authorities perpetrate against the citizens of the country.

Obedience To Courts Injunctions

The Nigeria that all Americans love and support is the one that disobeys courts orders when such orders do not favour the government but a look at Trump's administration shows that courts injunctions on the Executive Order banning 7 Muslim Countries from USA have been adhered to.

But the Buhari's administration is in the business of disregarding competent courts injunctions and Symington posits that all Americans are happy about that.

Meanwhile, responding to Symington's statement, a Biafran queried:

"If I should wish Symington an abode in Nigeria after his demise on earth, I am sure he would consider me a wicked fellow. But why would he and his fellow countrymen support my subjugation and systematic extermination?"

"Or does he not know that supporting the unity of Nigeria makes them supporters of human rights abusers? Or does he not know that when one loves and supports another in evil, sooner or later, one gradually becomes evil?"

I want to conclude this piece by saying: all Americans are wickedly inhumane for loving and supporting an irresponsible, lawless, wicked, genocidal, unworkable and expired Nigeria. Had they loved Nigerians, it would have been a different issue but for loving and supporting Nigeria as a single country, it is most unfortunate. But I know that there are reasonably humane people in the USA, who do not subscribe to Symington's assertion.

Written by O. E Williams
Edited by Mazi Collins
Published by IPOB writers



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  1. What do you expect him to say, saying it vocally does not mean he can hold people against their fate. The most important issue is that is the people of Biafra determined and wanted Biafra if answer is yes, then here is Biafra and by the look of situation Biafra will soon get their independent. The Igbo politicians has no right as against the wish of the people,we are yet to see the politicians and their elders to come on stage and address Biafran or Igbo in quote, if the politicians and elders that met with Osinbanjo can summon courage and gather IPOB and hear them or conducting referendum then people will speak their minds.

  2. Osibanjo's hands are tied, he has no will of his own. On Biafran issue he can do nothing than to play the script presented to him by the Northern Hausa Fulani-Buharis men


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