On this 30th May, 2017, International Observers and Journalists confirm that Biafrans are sitting at home in compliance with the Sit-At-Home order given by the leadership of IPOB, in commemoration of Biafra Independence declared on 30th May, 1967 by Col. Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu and also in honour of Biafra's Fallen Heroes and Heroines who were victims of the genocidal war leveled against Biafrans by British-backed Nigerian government for declaring her (Biafra's) political freedom.

Some people thought that there would not be total compliance as regards that order whereas others believed that all Biafrans are ready for a referendum and, therefore, must comply with the order.
But to the bewilderment of those that doubted total compliance and the confirmation of the stance of referendum-ready believers, everywhere in Biafran land is locked down.
Shops, markets, schools, banks in Aba are all locked down. All bikes, tri-cycles, buses, private cars and individuals are in their houses, none is found on the roads, not even the streets.
Reports coming from different areas in Biafran land apart from Aba have it that everywhere is closed down.

From Douglas Road in Owerri, one of the busiest roads in the Biafran land, reports coming in to IPOB writers have it that the road is empty; and every other place in Owerri is shut down.
From Umuahia, reports coming in say that everywhere is calm. No activity is going on there.
From Opu-Iweka Onitsha to Igweocha (Port Harcourt ), Bagu, Tako, Garki market in Abuja, Nsuka, Enugu down to Mbaise, everywhere is locked down. No transactions going on.
Speaking to the representative of the Western Journalists and International Observers, Mazi Ekwueme confirmed that everywhere the Journalists / Observers have gone to is shut down.
"From Bagu, Tako, Garki market in Abuja, Opu-Iweka, Owerri, Igweocha(Port Harcourt), Aba, Umuahia Nsuka, Enugu, have been reported by the Western Journalists and International Observers, to have been shut down."

Meanwhile, a friend of mine where I lodged in Aba said to me, "I didn't know that there will be such compliance to the order of Sit-At-Home. This made me not to buy what we would eat today and now NO SINGLE shop is opened. What do we do because this order was to sit at home but not to fast at home".

Recall that this Sit-At-Home Order was given by the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, right from prison and it is adhered to, which is a confirmation of the fact that Biafrans are fully ready to be let off the hooks of Nigeria in a referendum.

O. E Williams
Reporting for IPOB writers


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