Today being May 30th 2017, every markets, banks, hotels and corners in Biafra land are totally desolate following the compliance of the order given by the indefatigable leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) — Nnamdi kanu.

Affirmative Reports gathered from IPOB writers within the jurisdictions of Biafra land has it that there are even no motorcyclist on ground to convey them to various markets in order to get the authentic and factual pictures of the dry markets in Biafra land at hand, so they were left with no choice to stroll down to the markets. Many travellers from other parts of Nigeria on coming into Biafra land became stranded as there are no single vehicle to convey them to their final destination.

Meanwhile, there are already ample vans and trucks filled with all manner of forces (Nigeria) in almost every roads in Biafra. They are very equipped with sophisticated weapons like soldiers going into battle field. It's obvious that those murderous forces are just waiting to shoot any human or animal seen protesting or with Biafrans flag or regalia just like they did on last year's May 30th.

This massive acquiescence shown and witnessed in the entire Biafra land today sends a very unambiguous message and picture to all Machiavellian politicians in Nigeria, Africa and human race. This bulky compliance of the Biafrans has left no doubt that Nnamdi Kanu is indeed the respected and valued leader recognised by 99% Biafrans. Therefore, Biafrans observing their fallen heroes and heroines massacred in cold blood by Nigeria and British government thwarted and scorned the lies of the British and Nigeria government that Biafrans don't need any freedom. Today Biafrans has proven beyond all doubts that all they cry and need is freedom from the British concoction called Nigeria.

Emmanuel C. Okechukwu
reporting live.



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