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Justice Binta under fire for secret trial U-turn amid sharia law and masked witnesses against Kanu

Pro-Biafra supporters during a protest in Austria

By Maxwell Chuks

The ruling by Justice Binta Nyako of the Nigeria Federal High Court Abuja on 20-03-2017, which reinstated Secret trial according to Sharia law upon which the leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu and others will be tried with, is a malignant ruling which is capable of convicting the accused persons even when they are not guilty.

The kangaroo games played by the Nigeria government and the presiding judge since the case commenced, is a clear indication that they're bent on manipulating the court proceedings to ensure that Nnamdi Kanu and other accused persons are illegally convicted. Moreover; the demand by Justice Binta Nyako, for the defending counsel to study Sharia law to know more about a secret trial, is another undisputable plot to easily convict the accused persons illegally.

If Justice Binta is bent on delivering fair and unbiased judgment, she should have known that-
1.  As a trained judge; before admitting earlier to overrule secret trial, she should have studied the case file, seek for evidence that warrants such and thoroughly go through it before striking out that method of trial. Rather, after passing her ruling, she reinstated it in the same court which according to the law of a formal Judiciary, is a judiciary landmine which a trained judge in her position ought not to make.

2. Binta Nyako should have known that an accused have the right to be tried in open since he was accused in public.
3. The law stated that: Accused persons have the right to be released on bail in
bailable offences but Justice Binta Nyako mutilated that law by denying the bail application and that's human right violation.
3. By introducing Sharia law, Justice Binta Nyako went against the due process of trial in a formal court and democratic law because Sharia have no place in a formal court of a democratic country neither is it compatible with democratic law. And the law also stated that: the accused shall
enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial which Binta Nyako also mutilated.
Before I go further; let me briefly remind you the simple definition of Sharia law: - Sharia law is the law of the Islam. Or a religious law which binds only the Islamic community.
Justice Binta Nyako desecrated the formal court by lobbying in Sharia law which is known to be of Islamic courts (also known as Qadi & Mazalim courts).

It's obvious that Justice Binta Nyako is working in hands with the Nigeria Federal government (the accuser) else she wouldn't have (in the first place) permitted the entrance of secret trial and Sharia into the court proceeding knowing quite well that Secret trials have been a characteristic of almost every dictatorship of the modern era, and as long as Sharia is concern, the accused stands 95% chance of being convicted illegally.

On this note; I hereby call on the Nigeria Judiciary and legal practitioners to as a matter of urgent must and dismiss Binta Nyako from the sensitive office of a judge which she occupied as her actions in recent court proceedings proves that she's not qualified to occupy such sensitive position hence she further disgrace the Judiciary and bring more evil upon the masses.

Sharia have no place in a formal court neither do it have any place in the Christian and democratic society, therefore, we stand against the stand by Justice Binta Nyako to try Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafrans in secret with Sharia law.

(Edited & Published by IPOB Writers )
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