BIAFRA | Sunday, March 26, 2017 | 7:05 AM CET
US Congressman voice support for Biafra referendum, says it is time to act

Ex-US Congressman, Hon Robert Dornan 

Ex-US Congressman, Hon Robert Dornan has renewed his call for Biafra referendum, with a resolve to table the matter before the US Congress through his ex-colleagues and progressively press the matter to the United Nations. The Biafran issue had previously being raised in the UK house of commons by a few MP's and as well in the EU parliament.

Robert who served between 1977 and 1997, says that conducting referendum will enable the south eastern people of Nigeria decide their political future, adding that the ongoing agitation in the country will escalate into armed conflict if proper measures are not taken. This comes as the embattled Biafran leader who is currently facing a treasonable felony charge among others, last week a federal high court sitted in Abuja dangled to try him under the "Islamic Sharia Law" sparking wide critic from his group.

Recall Mr. Robert was earlier quoted as saying, “I say, the Biafrans have known suffering and death and as a responsible witness to that holocaust and as a Christian man of honor I add my voice to those calling for an internationally recognized referendum on the future of Biafra.”

Mr Dornan renewed call came following reports of extra-judicial killings and herdsmen activities in communities of south east region of Nigeria, with no single case of arrest and prosecution despite Amnesty International report implicating the Nigerian Army of killing 150 Pro-Biafra supporters

According to reports, “No single case of police arrest and prosecution of the band of marauders has been made by Nigeria’s security forces and this exposes over 40 million people in the south-east of Nigeria to the danger of extinction.



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