March 10, 2017
By C.k. Fidelis

British Government Conspires With The Nigerian Government To Commit War Crimes Against Biafrans,
It is now obviously very difficult to actually understand the true role of General Tukur Buratai of the Nigerian Army in the current political era.

The Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari commissioned Buratai as the head of the army and after his appointment every right thinking person expected the army chief to focus on how best to get his men strengthened to contain the terrorist activities of Boko Haram and the Fulani herdsmen so that the killing of innocent civilians would come to an end. But shamefully all of these evils and crimes against humanity still remain and in fact, are increasing at a more unbearable rate.

The head of the army has displayed the highest level of barbarism and unprofessionalism in the discharge of his duties since he assumed the headship of the Nigerian army. A very careful look at his actions and words as well as his attitude openly show that there is yet another hidden agenda in his rules of engagement and I would want us to look at the following points critically:

The Nigerian army under the leadership of Buratai carried out a massive retrenchment and forced the retirement of over 200 senior and high ranking military officers from South East and the so called South South as a prelude to his atrocious plans to carry out war crimes against the Biafrans, thereby making sure that no Biafran gets close to the decision table. But for the low ranking officers from the same areas, what he did was to ensure that they are constantly sent to Boko Haram fronts and when they get there they will be betrayed and the terrorists will ambush and kill them off.

This is a very wicked strategy and it is still happening till date. The worst aspect is that this evil man yet does not allow junior officers who wish to voluntarily resign to do so as he places an embargo on resignations. This actually was a decision highly based on ethnic hatred and religious fanaticism.

This same Buratai was the one in command when the Fulani herdsmen invaded the Agwu Village in Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State and carried out a very brutal murder of over 350 men, women and children of that village and his military did nothing to protect the lives of innocent people of Agwu village and when the people decided to fight back in defense he quickly dispatched his murderous army to shoot, kill and arrest the people who were trying to defend themselves.

This same vampire and his terrorist army were there when the Fulani Herdsmen also went to Aguata and slaughtered over 800 innocent men, women and children and his military did not do anything to stop the killing of these innocent people but the moment the people considered self-defense, Buratai quickly dispatched soldiers to that area to shoot and arrest innocent people who simply wished to defend themselves, since the government and its military could not defend them.

It was still this Buratai that allowed his murderous army to kill and bury over 350 men and women of the Shiite Islamic group in 2015 on the allegation that they attacked his convoy. And some unanswered questions are these: how does the alleged attack from the Shiite group justify the killing of over 350 people? And why is the leader of this Shiite group still in detention till date without trial despite competent court order to release him unconditionally?

This same Buratai is the one responsible for all the killings carried out in Biafra land from 2015 to date:

Around August 2015 his murderous army killed over 30 members of IPOB who were on a peaceful evangelism in Onitsha

In that same year at Asa high school Aba, over 150 members of IPOB were killed by indiscriminate shootings and their bodies were burnt with acid and dumped inside a pit around Ukwa along Port Harcourt road. This very incident was verified and confirmed by the Amnesty International.

Also on the 30th of May 2016, this same monster,  Buratai, dispatched his men to Nkpor to brutally kill over 1000 IPOB members who were praying inside a church; although Amnesty International said it only confirmed 150 people but obviously more than that number of people were killed.

On the 20th of January 2017 this same carnivore ordered the killing of over 50 Biafra who were on a peaceful solidarity rally in support of the inauguration of the American president Donald Trump who is a friend of Biafra.

Also in February, 2017 in Onitsha Anambra State, this same lunatic General allowed his soldiers to beat a crippled man to coma just for seeing him wearing a camouflage T-Shirt.

So in all, this notorious General has sent over 2000 innocent Biafrans to their untimely grave and in each of these cases he had vehemently denied the fact that it happened; even in the face of glaring evidences he still stands firm to deny that they happened and has even come out openly to refute the claims of  Amnesty International saying that their assertions and evidences were all false without him putting up counter evidences to substantiate his claim. What a shame!

Therefore, common sense reasoning will now ask these questions:

Since Buratai and his murderous army are certain that they did not kill innocent Biafrans why is he now constituting a panel of investigation into the alleged human rights abuses by the army?
Why did he not support the call for independent investigation into the allegation made against his army?

Why did he select only Muslims to be in the panel?
In fact in my own understanding, Buratai has simply by implication acknowledged that his army committed these atrocities against Biafrans and humanity in general and should be tried for war crimes.

Another proof that Buratai and his army committed outrageous crime against Biafrans and humanity is the position of British government on the Amnesty International report which position presented the report as false.

This claim of falsehood on unbiased Amnesty International report shows that there is a very strong secret pact between the Fulanis and the British government concerning the complete destruction of the Biafrans, otherwise why should it be only the British government that countered the reports of the Amnesty International?

I am therefore believing strongly in my spirit that General Buratai was specifically hired to fight political enemies of Buhari as well as ensure that Biafrans are slaughtered anywhere they are seen. That is why Boko Haram is still operating with impunity while peaceful pro-Biafran protesters are killed on daily basis. Buratai only defeats Boko Haram on the pages of government sponsored Newspapers. What a shame!

Edited by Ogu Edozie Williams
Published by IPOB writers
Twitter: @ipob_writers



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