Buhari arriving nigeria in 2016 after a trip abroad

Buhari now on the receiving end, God always fight for his children

By Ogu Edozie Williams
March 11, 2017

On the early hours of today, Friday, 10th March, 2017, the absconded president of Nigeria, Rtd Gen Muhamadu Buhari was smuggled back to Aso Rock in a manner that looked humiliating as it's obvious that the president does not have a will of his own but is now controlled by his handlers who have concealed his health status from Nigerians. 

Those In Power Should Be Careful How They Wield It Because God Is Always With The Sheath

When a man becomes incapable of taking his own decisions but lives at the mercy of other people's conclusions, he becomes less than a man and more of an animal because an animal's fate is being decided by its handlers. 

The news of Buhari's ill health which constituted real controversies among Nigerians did not come to Nigerians by surprise as Apostle Johnson Suleiman of Omega Fire Ministries, amongst other New Year prophecies, prophesied that President Muhamadu Buhari would be humbled this year, 2017.

In his words, Suleiman said "Nnamdi Kanu case to cause international crises. God angry with Buhari for his continued detention .... but God will humble Buhari this year, 2017." 

When A Man On God's Mission Is Dared, God Brings Down The Culprits 

Nnamdi Kanu is a man on a mission and just like God protects those he sends on missions so is Nnamdi Kanu protected and God working behind the scene to afflict his enemies. 

And I want to say that this is just the beginning of humiliation for Buhari for daring the one God sent on the mission of restoring His kingdom on earth which is Biafra. 

What befell Pharoah of Old with his chariots is about falling on the tyrant if he refuses to let Biafra go.

When The Cries Of The Living Get To God, Avenging The Dead Is Inevitable 

Apart from the prophecy of Johnson Suleiman, Biafrans have been praying to  Chukwu Okike ( God the Creator ) to avenge the death of their fellow brothers and sisters whom Buhari murdered by himself during the war crime (of 1967-1970) he committed against Biafrans at Owerri and those he sent to their early grave through his military and DSS. 

They have not ceased in steadfast prayers for evil to meet those that wish them death so it is not out of place to believe that Buhari is reaping the fruit of his wickedness and failure to repent may end him like Pharaoh. This is a chance given by God for repentance, and I hope it will be utilized well.

When Rebellion Against God's Course Becomes A Curse, Then Incapacitation Makes Me An Adviser

I personally sympathize with those who fall sick and I equally pray for them to recover especially when it is the devil that is afflicting them but when it is clear that a person's ill health is occasioned by God, I wouldn't oppose God's will; it is only a piece of advice I can render: repent of your rebellion towards God and be made whole, which is exactly my piece of advice to President Muhamadu Buhari. 

Refraining From Being Rebellious Towards God's Course Refrains God's Motivated Afflictions

For Buhari to be freed from that affliction, let him free Nnamdi Kanu and co-accused unconditionally as ordered by a competent court of jurisdiction and also let Biafra go.

There is a proverb that says, "a cow without a tail, its God clears houseflies for it."


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