Nigeria's missing president Muhamadu Buhari and Army Chief of Staff Gen. Buratai Tukur

March 10, 2017

For quite some time now, there has been provocative statements by Nigeria's Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lt. General Tukur Buratai that the Nigerian imperialist army will not tolerate our avowed determination to secede from Nigeria and every means has been employed to enforce their threat by extra-judicial murder of defenceless Biafrans and also by sheer deprivation of our universally declared fundamental Human Rights and the wanton seizure and annexation of Biafran territories by the Nigerian imperialist army all in a bid to keep Nigeria as one, indivisible entity.

However, we deem it absolutely necessary under the existing and unfortunate circumstances to let you and the imperialist Britain know that certain anomalies orchestrated by  Hausa/Fulani  and your Yoruba comrades-in-arms  since 1967 - 70 after the historic Biafra-Nigeria civil war  and the subsequent coups  and counter-coups are in no small measure responsible for the gradual disintegration and extinction of Nigeria.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the daily destruction of democratic structures by the army and resultant imposition of Islamic doctrines on the whole country has put the Nigerian geo-polity on the line.

Again, there is no denying the fact that the hegemonic and feudalistic  North is constantly berserk by violence and uncertainty which has become a way of their national life which gravely tells on non-northerners.

The reign of terror on other regions especially the killings by a band of invading marauders under the guise of herders that have encroached on our farmlands, killed and maimed our people is beastly, and I condemn this in the strongest terms.

More so this same reign of terror has been shamelessly extended to Nigerians of Northern extraction with who you profess the same religious faith calling to mind the sensational murder of Shiite Muslims and this spate of killings has also been extended to Biafran territories where many of our people killed and buried in shallow graves.

In this connection, your self-esteem and integrity remain on the line because of your satanically-motivated agenda to commit more genocide amid the one you have already done that is crying for justice.

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