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French Diplomat Denys Gauer is Dreaming, Biafra has a BIG Future - IPOB

French Ambassador  Denys Gauer shaking hands with former Vice President Atiku Abubakar

By IPOB Writers
March 15, 2017

It should not be a shock or surprise to any Biafran about the speech made by the French Ambassador to Nigeria concerning BIAFRA struggle and restoration.  It should be of great importance that Biafrans should without any doubt, and reservation understands who is killing them, who has their interest at heart as well as standing on their behalf on matters relating to international human rights as it applies to rogue countries like Nigeria.

DENYS GAUER' without shame or reservation you boldly informed Biafrans that they have no future, yes he is partially correct.  Biafrans have no future in the zoo called Nigeria, but we have future outside Nigeria.  This statement you made is indicative of the Imperialist and philosophical principles the so-called Western world have towards Africans in general.


1.  What right do you have to enforce slavery and genocide against African countries by encouraging their killing of one another?  The issue of BIAFRA did not start today, and in case you are not up to date with a number of crimes committed by a government on a particular race of BIAFRANS OF (EASTERN NIGERIA), from 1914 up to March 2017.  Please go back and do your research.

2.  As an Ambassador you should know the history of the country you are assigned.  If as a human being  with conscience and you watched and learned about the 1967-70 genocidal war by your host country where over 3million innocent women and children where starved to death, not including the ones shot and indiscriminately bombed at open markets, schools and makeshift hospitals, you should be extremely guarded  and be able to to have a way out in event your declaration was a mistake.

3.  Your support for Nigeria to fight Boko Haram is within the absolute right of the French Government.  If you like sell them your Mirage planes,  missiles, and pan hards, we the Biafrans have no say.  You blindly and foolishly support the Nigerian military that in turn feed the Boko Haram you think you are fighting the Nigerian military, in turn, gives those arms back to Boko Haram.  This is not the first nor will it be the last of your failed foreign policies.  You were paying the price when you went to the Iraqi war, and today you are back at it again.  The same thing will happen to you in Nigeria, and it will be very very costly to your country.

4.  What is the correlation between Boko Haram insurgency in the Muslim North and their destined policy with the Federal Government of Nigeria to wipe off all Biafrans and take over their land as it relates to we Biafrans who are trying to avoid being exterminated by the Government you are supporting.

5.  You have continued to keep mute with regard to NIGERIA'S violation of all sorts of United Nations rules, even the Amnesty International report.  You are supporting any British blunder even when you could have carried out respectable principles. Your covert support for a genocidist Mohammad Buhari who committed more crimes than Saddam Hussain, Idi Amin or even Milosovich of the
Yugoslavia raises more questions than answers as to the genuineness of the United Nations, it's composition as well as equitable and impartial application and enforcement of it's rules.

6.  Your pronounced support for a genocidal and criminal gives credence to NIGERIA'S  military denial of it's genocidal acts against Biafrans even with undeniable and irrefutable videos.  Your support bolsters Nigeria's courage to abuse your own agency The Amnesty International because Britain and France are completely behind their atrocities.  Your revelation is a blessing in disguise.  Now we know why Nigeria is doing what it is doing and the powers behind it.

7.  For all intents and purposes, France is a conspirator with Britain to effect as quickly as possible the extermination of Biafrans because France once highly regarded when it comes to foreign policy and fundamental human rights of people during the era of President Charles Degaul have degenerated  into an era of vision!ess diplomats whose ultimate goal is to plunder the resources of poorer countries for their personal benefits and not even for the French.

If your miscarriage of principles is a pay back to Nigeria for giving you part of BIAFRA as part of war loot and booty, you would have avoided taking a wrong and shortsighted course.  The Biafrans have always respected and maintained good relationship with France and not withstanding your decision, we have to inform you that THE FREEDOM OF BIAFRA IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF BIAFRANS AND WE WILL GET THERE WITHOUT YOU.  WE DID NOT COUNT ON YOU WHEN WE STARTED AND WILL NOT COUNT ON YOU WHEN YOU DECLARE US YOUR ENEMY.

If tiny European countries can determine their future that they can not find with Britain solely on economic principles, why not tell Scotland that you will not support them?  If the same Britain you are helping can vote itself out of European economic bondage what and why did you not stop them?  It is not that it even involved security issues.

DENYS GAUER', Biafra's cause is worst, it involves differences in religion, ethnicity, custom and language.  These major issues have not been able to be reconciled up till today.  The mistrust and killings by Northern Hausa Nigeria Government you are supporting against Biafrans meanwhile continues.  Tell the world why Nigeria should be a country without safety.

DENYS GAUER' when you are aware that three countries can not be one why are you forcing them just to do that when they have nothing in common?  YOU  HAVE NO VALUE FOR AFRICANS THEREFORE SPLIT THEM SELL THEM ARMS TO KILL THEMSELVES BY USING THE STOOGES THAT ARE REPRESENTING YOUR INTEREST.

Edited & Published By IPOB Writers
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