AFRICA | Tue Mar 15, 2017 | 3:45am CET

South-East, South-South Professionals to set up Economic Union

By Joseph Erunke
ABUJA—SOUTH-East and South-South professionals have begun arrangements aimed at establishing economic union for the zones. The arrangements, as gathered, is intended to lead Nigeria’s economic emancipation drive.

Already, the groups have concluded plans to hold a conference in collaboration with the governors of all the concerned states in the region on  April 18, at Owerri, capital of Imo state.

An official statement jointly signed by the national coordinators, Messrs Emmanuel Ohai, Dowell Mirin, Eze Eluchie, among others, revealed the theme of the conference as “South-East and South-South: Towards Greater Economic Union.”

The group stated that issues to be discussed at the conference include:” fiscal federalism; economic integration; political integration; addressing regional fears, mistrust and political concerns and inter-regional commerce among the eleven states of the South-East and South-South.”

According to the statement, the forum will give the South-East and South-South states an ample opportunity to focus on its natural resources in developing areas of its comparative advantage and ultimately entrench inter-regional trade and commerce.

Lamenting that the region has been stunted by inherent contradictions of the Nigerian State, the statement quoted the conveners of the conference as further stating that the South-South and South-East regions have an enormous and the greatest potentials in terms of human, economic and natural resources in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The group which is pioneered online, is known for organising and creating advocacy techniques that have become standard in politics, non-profits, and the industrial sector globally.

The group aims to create a South-South/South-East network of dedicated professionals to synergise and assume leadership positions and to educate and enlighten the youths in the region to take control of their destiny.


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