BIAFRA | Wed Mar 15, 2017 |  4:45 am CET

By Ogu Edozie Williams

France Teaches Biafrans To Be Strong And Independent

"The restoration of Biafra is the last miracle to be done on the earth."

"Biafra is the restoration of God's kingdom on the earth."

The above statements, if you recall, were part of the reiterations of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra  (IPOB) on Radio Biafra.

Two or more distinct facts can be drawn from those statements:

1. Biafra's independence shall be a miracle.

When something is said to be by miracle, it simply means that such a thing is achievable only by supernatural interventions. It means that its realisation is not possible if higher powers or authorities are unavailable.

Nnamdi Kanu, during his broadcasts, prophesied that it is only God that could grant Biafrans freedom. He said that most nations would abandon Biafrans and Biafra would be left alone, but Chukwu Okike(God the Creator) shall rescue Biafrans.

This is a prophecy that has started manifesting as France has boldly spoken through her envoy in Nigeria that she is joining forces with Nigeria to fight Biafra.

2. Biafra represents the kingdom of God on earth.

The devil opposes everything that is God's. He opposed the kingdom of God and as a result, he was dethroned. Since Biafra represents the kingdom of God on earth, it will be expected that oppositions from the devil through some willing agents are inevitable.

And Biafra representing the kingdom of God means that she will be a place where people would prefer to be, by reason of how God through Biafran leaders shall build and decorate her; and the devil is not expected to fold his hands and watch.

Since wickedness shall dwell in her neither abuses of human rights, as seen in the Nigerian state, thrive in her, it is not least expected that she shall be abandoned and sabotaged.

I said the above to say that France has reminded Biafrans that they need not be dependent on any nation, although they didn't depend on France, but their reliance should be on Chukwu Okike and He shall make all things, including the Nigerian pact with France, work together for the good of Biafra.

I want everyone to know that God can raise stones to worship him if human beings refuse to accord him praise: meaning that God can use any country(s) He so chooses to restore Biafra if those expected to campaign for indigenous people's freedoms refuse to do so.

Therefore, let every Biafran continue to hold on to God, continue to be strong and resolute because in no distant time Chukwu Okike will do it and Biafra shall be restored.

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By IPOB Writers
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