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February 23, 2017

By Timothy Uzochukwu Israel

Editorial note: A cheerful disposition attracts greetings as well as favour whereas an angry disposition causes boycott. There is a lifestyle that brings Biafra quicker than expected and there is one that delays her the more. In this piece, the writer expounds on the lifestyle Biafrans are to adopt now and even into Biafra. Happy reading!

I want all my brethren, the Biafrans, to know that nothing in this life lasts forever except our righteousness and good legacy that would speak for us when we must have left the shores of this earth, the contraption called Nigeria has long been dead but currently awaiting burial ceremony, even her president who is persecuting Biafrans, killing and maiming them like fowls, is nowhere to be found or probably resting in pieces.

But I want you to be aware that for our Nation Biafra, to be the best country in the world, there are some tips we must know and follow; and here are some for all of us:

Let us know that our most adorable apparel may be other people's rag; as we can see that the freedom that is our greatest priority now has been enjoyed by some countries for so long a time to the extent that it appears cheap to them and they care less about other people clamouring for it.
Therefore, we should not disregard or abandon people seeking freedom now or when Biafra comes.

Also, we should remember that the abundance we think we have in our account balance which we are so proud of may be other people's pocket money; the  natural resources, human resources and ingenuity we are proud of may be other countries' incompetent fellows; therefore let us remember to advance more in knowledge, ingenuity and competence now and when Biafra comes. Let us also remember to help others advance as well.

Let us not pretend as if we are not aware that every single slut we see on the street at night was at some point in time a maiden; just as some Biafrans today are roaming the streets of oversea countries in search of greener pastures but there was a time when we were all in our country, Biafra, living and feeding well.

Therefore, let us remember the people of the world who are roaming the streets of other countries, without any sense of belonging in their own countries; to help them live like human beings in their own countries.

Let us remember that life on earth is too short and we should help others enjoy it.

I am writing this piece because at times we Biafrans take life too serious that we forget that we are our brother's keepers.

God created us to help build others up too, not to live without catering for others who are in need.

Life is too small to feel big or better than anybody because at one point in life you equally need that poor person to help you out.

It is disappointing to see some Biafran billionaires, professors and professionals in what they do, and politicians who would have used their wealth, knowledge, talents and positions to help actualise this struggle but they are just there enriching themselves the more, feeling less concerned and watching Nigerians destroy Biafran youths.

They forget that we all should use the things at our disposal to put forth real legacy as death awaits everyone.

They tend to forget that naked we were born and naked we shall return as no one would go back with the billions of money in their accounts nor would the degrees acquired or talents benefit one more in the grave than using it while on earth to create a legacy.

The grave is a necessity that awaits everyone, and no one can save or stop us from it, not even our fame nor wealth.

I abhor seeing people who brag about wealth, beauty, intelligence, level of education, fame and material possessions which can only last but few years one would live.

There is nothing you have achieved in life that no one else has never gotten even much bigger/better than you. And if there is, somebody some day will overtake you.

I want you to know that there is only one thing that is worth bragging with which is "LIFE IN GOD ALMIGHTY", which Biafra represents.


Always remember that the people you trample upon on your way up a ladder will be the same people you will pass on your way down, so cause no problem for others because if you do, they will become your biggest problem one day and hunt you back.

I want to remind those politicians feeding on the blood of Biafrans to remember that one day Biafrans' blood shall haunt them.

Even some green leaves you see today will one day become dried leaves, and that's reality because one can not hide old age.

Therefore, don't be selfish, use your positions to advance the course of Biafra, also pass it on to people that wisdom of yours because God gave you the talent to share not to live and die with it.

As we all are, in one way or the other, guilty, let us as Biafrans live an exceptional lifestyle that the whole world would emulate.

Thereby making the Biafran Nation the Greatest Nation on planet earth allowing the seed of righteousness to reign in all ramification.

Know it that no one knows it all and even if one day you feel like crying you can beckon on any Biafran brother and he will wipe your tears.

If one day you want to run away don't be afraid to call on a fellow Biafran

Let us promise to be there running beside each other to encourage one another in this struggle as well as this life's journey but not to betray the struggle nor one another.

But if one day you call and no one answers, go to them, perhaps they need you that moment because we all need each other to solve this equation called challenges of life because no one knows it all. Be at peace with all men and peace will follow you till eternity.

But let me ask you one question: why are you boasting with what you have achieved in life???

You will die and leave those things behind one day!

So let us as Biafrans be different from others, behave well and be humble for all that glitters is not gold; even where you are, people have been there before you so calm down and live a Godly live that will take you to Heaven at last.

Nnamdi Kanu is a typical example of a true Biafran who leaves a legacy and will forever be remembered for his good deeds for the emancipation of Biafrans from mental and physical slavery which British did put them into in Nigeria.

I am also living my legacy by using my God given talent to write for my beloved nation Biafra, why not start using yours to help this struggle because each of us has unique qualities bestowed upon us by Chukwu Abiama Himself.

All hail Biafra...Shalom!

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