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Nnamdi Azikiwe Led Nigeria Independent, Nnamdi Kanu Will Lead Her Disintegration

February 23, 2017

By Timothy Uzochukwu Israel

At 45, NNAMDI Azikiwe emerged as the main leader of Nigeria's independence campaign in 1949 and it was far from clear as to whether or when Great Britain would grant independence to Nigeria.

He headed and championed other Nigerian nationalists and took that campaign to the heart of the capital of the British Empire, Trafalgar Square in London.

On December 4, 1949 he delivered a call for independence before a political rally sponsored by the West African Students Union of Great Britain and Ireland to protest the shooting of 21 striking Nigerian coal miners in Enugu Biafra land by colonial police on November 18, 1949.
Nigeria gained their independence through his sweat...

But what did the Nigerian government do to him when he needed them most???
They only built house for him and gave him a befitting burial -  that's all. A country he fought for.
His name is NNAMDI Azikiwe an Igbo man!

At 45, NNAMDI Kanu, another Igbo man with clear vision, with better mindset and love for his people dearly left his comfort zone to liberate his people.

Nigeria and Nigerians will never forget the name NNAMDI in a flash because it all started with the help of NNAMDI and would end with the help of another NNAMDI...

There's a big difference between the two NNAMDIS:
The first NNAMDI fought for the unity of lions and goats but the second NNAMDI as a visionary leader saw that there's no unification therein, so he stepped in to separate that entity that has been devouring his people.

How can one describe the current happenings to the Biafran people in Nigeria?
Mass killings of Igbos in Enugu by Fulani herdsmen; army and police perpetration of deadly violence on pro-Biafran peaceful protesters in all the Old Eastern States

The second NNAMDI is a man who saw tomorrow.
Today in Biafra land, communities are creating vigilante groups for self defence against invading Hausa-Fulani terrorists called herdsmen....

All Kanu's prophesies are coming to pass one after the other.

And all those who ordered the killings of innocent IPOB members are dying one after the other with divine punishment because the bible itself said "touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm"...

Nigeria is in a sorry state now due to ill treatments meted against the Biafran people.

What about the genocide that Nigeria carried out against millions of Biafrans? Is that not enough to call for a revenge? But Biafrans choose to follow due process because they are peace loving people...

Kanu is the only man who can look into the tyrant face and tell him the truth as it is, without fear or favour, nor any Political interest.

Even the tyrant(Buhari) said and I quote "I won't be alive to see that small boy, NNAMDI Kanu divide Nigeria". Not knowing that there's power in spoken words.

The world was created by the word and the word controls the world.
After making that statement the Tyrant himself vanished into the thin air.

Whether Buhari is  incapacitated or dead, Chukwu Abiama,(God Almighty) is paving way for His own people because they have suffered enough.

One can only reap whatever fruit one sows.
So Nigeria as a country has sown a lot of deadly seeds against the Biafrans and that's why they are suffering today.

Calamities as a result of their sins are out looming and yet they are still holding the Biafran Nation and her people captive.

The End is now because all must hail Biafra soonest...

Though still illegally detained, the name NNAMDI Kanu stands out amongst all as a true leader without dents whose legacies would live on till eternity...

*Nigeria started with the help of the Name NNAMDI and would end soon with the help of same name NNAMDI*

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