BIAFRA: Enough is enough, we want Biafra not Igbo presidency

February 22, 2017

By Timothy Uzochukwu Israel

Biafra feels much more than home to many though few are still living under the illusion called one-Nigeria which is already dead in the spiritual realm as well as in the physical.
The Biafran Nation, as calm, lovely and warmly, embraces everyone with good intention

We have to do all we could to save her from herself, and all these Igbo political rapists that are joining APC for their selfish interests, we must save Biafra away from them.

Enough is enough!

The solution is not in diversification of Nigeria's economy, Igbo presidency as many think but by giving us Biafra so that we can go and build our own nation, the land of the rising sun.

Here is the true colour of that failed state called Nigeria:

Nigeria has been run by one bloody entity since 1960 who believes that they own Nigeria or they were born to rule.

The northerners control and dictate whatever that happens in that country as if it's their private business empire.

For example:
Biafrans offshore are paying their school fees themselves with the help of their parents whereas the Northerners are being sponsored by the Nigerian government with scholarships.

My former schoolmate in UK, Aliu Salisu by name, from Northern Nigeria was fully sponsored by the Nigerian government; money was entering his account every month while both of us were in university back then.

They receive bonuses every month from the Nigerian government for themselves alone and as soon as they graduate, jobs will be there waiting for them in federal parastatals;  whereas Biafrans are everywhere struggling and suffering in harsh cold weather just to survive, without any governmental help.

Alot of Biafrans are relocating from one country to another in search of greener pasture because a normal Biafran doesn't wait for anyone to help him but ventures to fight for his or her own survival.

Many of them have died because of such neglect by the Nigerian government and some are in prisons in various countries while trying to make both ends meet.

The Easterners/Niger Deltans that own the resources the northerners are looting are being dragged in the mud and the land left polluted.

My 21-year old friend, Aminu Tankur, who is a northerner,  owns two houses in East London as well as one in Carlifornia but he has never worked in his entire life.

The oil is from our state, in our very back yard and these politicians buried pipes from our state to Northern Nigeria just to build Refinery in Kaduna, a dry land where you can only find Islamic Boko-Haram Terrorists.

Everyone is tired of the happenings in Nigeria, even animals in Nigeria want to relocate.

They bribe our political class to be fighting against the restoration of our country, Biafra, because poverty can do anything in human life if not curbed, anyone from the south eastern region voicing for Igbo presidency is a saboteur and enemy of Biafra because it is the same political leaders we have today who doesn't care about the people but their own selfish interest,  our people cannot and never be free in the British contraption called Nigeria.

Igbo presidency is just another way to continue the slavery of our people and we must not fall for this trick,  it is either Biafra or Nothing!

You can deceive people  for sometime but you cannot lie to them forever because the truth must spring forth one day.

The Day of reckoning is here and my people are fully awake now to take their own destiny in their own hands.

Therefore,  Biafra is all we want not Igbo presidency

All hail Biafra! The land of the rising sun; my motherland!

Edited by Ogu Edozie Williams
Published by IPOB writers
Twitter @ipob_writers



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