President Buhari and Vice president Osibanjo

February 22, 2017

By Ogu Edozie Williams

It was reported today that Buhari would not be coming back anytime soon as he needs some more rest in his purported vacation after the tests results of his recommended tests came out. He also urged Nigerians to be calm as there was no cause for alarm.

But some news had come after Buhari left for his vacation, stating that "Buhari is dead"; but the presidency has been battling to dispel that as a rumour.

While that is on-going, some are calling for the president's impeachment, but I'm of the opinion that Buhari should resign by himself( on the assumption that he is still alive and conscious as claimed) in order to move his country forward.

Impeachment is a legislative process that is used to charge, try, and remove public officials for misconduct while in office. This legislative process takes longer time than wilful resignation.

Although in this scenario, Buhari would be declared incapacitated to perform his constitutional duties as the president of the Nigerian state. But I doubt whether anyone in National Assembly has the political will and patriotic spirit to move such motion or petition.

Some people might bring in sentiments to that effect but a critical look at the position of Mr Buhari when similar circumstance as his now happened to President Musa Yar'Adua, depicts Mr Buhari speaking as the mouthpiece of Nigerians, calling on the NASS to declare Yar'Adua incapacitated and as such impeach him.

From the defensive and advocacy stand of Buhari in that Yar'Adua's case, it may not be completely wrong to adduce that Buhari loved his countrymen, as well as his country as his speech, could be seen as an act of patriotism in disguise whose intent was moving the country and her citizens forward. Because in Buhari's assumed mind, the incapacitation of Yar'Adua should not hamper or slow down the advancement of the country since more qualified and capable hands were in the country. That was a good omen indeed!

Now, in this time of Buhari's similar predicament, many advocates including international groups have towed the path of Buhari, in calling on the NASS to declare Buhari incapacitated, impeach him and remove him from office; among such advocates is Junaid Mohammed, a Second Republican lawmaker. In Junaid's reaction to the extension of Buhari's vacation, he said that Nigerians should rise up and protest against Buhari should the National Assembly refuse to declare him incapacitated.

But all this degeneration into quagmire would not erupt if Buhari should regurgitate his assumed patriotism for his country which he displayed in the time of Yar'Adua. He should not be reminded that what is good for the goose is equally good for the gander. Therefore, if he judged Yar'Adua to be incapacitated then, being a man of good and unbiased judgement, he should judge himself unfit to handle the complicated tasks involved in governance seeing that he is now impaired as a result of his health complications - that is if he has not turned into a power monger and beclouded by his ambitions.

Because as the news rolled in today that Buhari needs some more rest after his purported tests results -  which means a longer vacation in London (or wherever he may be) which is capable of heightening the uncertainties surrounding his health status as well as plunging the state into quagmire; Nigerians are troubled.

I want to remind Buhari how he congratulated David Cameron, ex-Prime Minister of Great Britain when he resigned as the Prime Minister after loosing his bid to retain Britain in the EU.

Therefore, let the president tender his resignation, having learnt some lessons from his friend, David Cameron whom he congratulated for resigning after seeing that he could not steer Great Britain in the direction she wanted to go.

Let President Muhamadu Buhari resign now seeing that his health challenge would not allow his country to be steered in the path she is treading on, and hence allow Prof Yemi Osibanjo, his vice, to be installed as Nigeria's president.

Editor: Mazi Collins
Publisher by IPOB Writers
Twitter: @ipob_writers


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