Igwe Achebe and his entourage posing for a photo with the British high commissioner
February 13, 2017

By IPOB writers

Igwe Achebe is about to sell Biafra and IPOB agitation again to the British and their Hausa-Fulani slaves as his brothers have done over the years.

This British man went to get the assurance of Igwe Achebe that Igbo people will not react if Britain succeeds in their plot to kill Nnamdi Kanu as was the case with Abiola now that Buhari is dead.

Igwe Achebe is another Ukpabi Asika today. All those that betrayed Biafra from Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Major Emmanuel Arinze Ifeajuna, Dr. Ukpabi Asika and now Igwe Achebe are all from Onitsha. Is Onitsha about to sell Biafra again as before?

Why has this man who calls himself a traditional ruler, who is supposed to be representing the people not selling them out to slavery for peanuts and shallow political positions and contracts?

Does he even think about what the future of his grandchildren and future generations will look like after selling off their future and his birthrights for money?
A so-called traditional ruler who is out dining with the devil, striking a deal with the devil to enslave his people forever, Has he ever thought of what will happen if he eventually passes away, how the future generation will refer him as a hero or traitor?

Biafra is not only about Igbo, therefore trying to pay this man to silence Biafra is a waste of time and money.

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