February 13, 2017

By Maxwell Chuks

The report announced earlier in a series of tweet as confirmed by the personal assistant to president Muhammadu Buhari, Bashir Ahmad, which stated that the president of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari (who is currently undergoing medical treatment in London) will be having a phone conversation with the president of United States Donald Trump alongside with the president of South Africa, left many in suspense.

The phone call which was said to take place at exactly 3:45pm(Nigeria time) and 2:45pm(London time) with indications which suggested that the reason for the call is to seek U.S support in the fight against corruption, economic growth of Nigeria and other interests,  turned our to be a different thing entirely when after the supposed time of the phone call, different contradicting reports surfaced on the social media.

The first report which came from Femi Adesina claimed that in the conversation, the US Donald Trump invited Buhari to Washington DC and promised new military deal against Boko Haram.

Base on this report; there is no report of any phone conversation with Buhari from Donald Trump, The Whitehouse released no such report neither did any international media have any report regards to what Femi Adesina and the Federal Government of Nigeria claimed.

The report received by Family Writers from a reliable source disclosed that there is nothing like the said phone call with Muhammadu Buhari neither did the activities of Donald Trump have anything to do with the alleged phone conversation with Muhammadu Buhari that very day/hour they claimed the conversation occurred.

This is another amazing lie the Nigeria government led by Muhammadu Buhari under APC have fed the masses with once again. We can recall that on several occasions, this administration has been concocting and vomiting lies which at the end is always found out to be a hoax

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