February 14, 2017
By Ogu Edozie Williams

One of the worst things that can happen to a man is living in self-deceit. Such an entity is better dead than being alive; he should not be in the congregation of the  saints nor should he be allowed to talk among the living because a walking corpse may not be apt for his description and his words stink even with overflowing perfume.

When living in self-deceit becomes a lifestyle, reality becomes evitable
It is more dangerous than drug addiction because a drug addict operates under the influence of a physical matter but habitual self-deceit is driven by the elements of pride and greed; and pride would suffice its force on the individual keeping wings on the high side.

Self-deceit makes one to live outside reality. It's very obnoxiously cancerous because it keeps growing and throwing its weight on its victims, blindfolding them from the actual magnitude of its impact.

Self-deceit lifestyle makes one trick people up to the extent that one becomes tricked that one's victims are still being tricked even when they are aware of one's treacheries.

It is disappointing that Ralph Lebeanya Uwazuruike, the ex-leader of MASSOB, fits into this mould of self-deceit lifestyle.

Ralph Uwazuruike, an opportunist, took advantage of Biafrans' passion and aspiration for a Biafran state to defraud them. Some of them (Biafrans) were oblivious of his treachery whereas some were aware of his tricks but decided to continue with him anyway.

But now everyone is aware of his schemes, games, fraud, sabotage, betrayal and treachery and MASSOB has consequentially sacked him yet he is flaunting his wings on issues concerning Biafra and her restoration.

Uwazuruike is now living in self-deceit pretending that he is not aware that his being a sellout on Biafra agitation and sovereignty restoration is on the public domain. That is where pride comes in.

Pride will continue to make Uwazuruike remain in self-deceit, a sellout and a traitor. He is aware that he is in the book of Biafra saboteurs yet he is advancing his course of sabotage instead retracing his steps.

Uwazuruike is a One-Nigeria sympathizer. He is advancing his course of one-Nigerianism as he had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with FG during the tenure of President Goodluck Jonathan, that he(Uwazuruike) would not do anything to stop the unity of the Nigerian state; in order words he would not work for the dismemberment of Nigeria which means to him that Biafra is a history.

But this same Uwazuruike who campaigned for Goodluck Jonathan is still feigning rejection of presidency for the Igbo extraction in Nigeria, saying that it's not his ultimate goal as though if he(Uwazuruike) were called to be the next president of Nigeria(come 2019) he would not run to answer it and stop mentioning Biafra till he dies.

In his speech, as Punch reports, Uwazuruike said, "Ndigbo wants Biafra and nothing more, that is why the agitation since 1999 in which we have made heavy sacrifices both in human and material and even if they give Ndigbo the presidency of Nigeria, it would not stop us from asking for Biafra."

He continued, "Our ultimate goal is to actualize the sovereign state of Biafra no matter how long it takes us to do that but surely Biafra must be a reality. Today, if you ask any Igbo man or woman they will tell you that they want Biafra and not the president of Nigeria because  they are already fed up with the injustice, inequality and discrimination against them simply because they are Igbo."

The truth remains that every Biafran wants Biafra whether it is being said by a traitor like Ralph Uwazuruike or a hardcore Biafran. And another truth is that Biafra is the ultimate goal of every hard-core Biafran but not some sellouts like Uwazuruike who is a One-Nigerianist.

Let Uwazuruike and cohorts bear it in mind that the consequences of betraying Biafra are better imagined than felt and that their names are in the red book of Biafra.

Therefore, Uwazuruike should stop being self-deceptive and close his mouth on issues concerning Biafra or if pride and greed would permit him, let him make haste while the sun shines, bearing in mind that even the land is recording everything transpiring on it.

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