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The BBC is Britain's propaganda machine just like the VOA. Any country, individuals, groups or organizations that believe whatever that comes out of these airwaves are bound to fail and not see the light of the day or be able to know his left leg from the right.

The BBC is the Media that cloned and carried out the atrocities committed against the Easterners during the colonial days, and up till today, they are still cranking up lies and misinformation in Nigeria, all geared towards the suppression of the well-being and the existence of the Biafrans.

The BBC have shamelessly in their hands and over their heads, the blood of the millions of Biafrans that they killed during the Nigeria/Biafra civil war with the help of their executors, the Hausa and Yoruba troops. The British are very dangerous and you should without any reservation discount, reject, ignore and continue to press forward for your freedom without paying them much attention.

The British need to explain to the Biafrans why

A. The resources that support them and the Royal family comes from the Biafra land, but they chose to arm the Northern build the military mechanisms to wipe the Biafrans out.

B. The Biafrans mostly are Christians if so why did you not try to protect the Christians but rather you engaged in policies that accelerated to their demise? Does that mean that the religion you brought to us is false? If you through your acts and policies with 100% support for the Muslims to kill the Christians and all the Biafrans, please tell us exactly who you are and what you are?

C. The Biafran Leader Nnamdi Kanu is your citizen, falsely imprisoned for over a year, you, on media and governmental level, kept mute and put a blind eye to a the gross violation of his human right and freedom of speech. Just as usual it involves your covert policy against the Biafrans

D. When the gross thirst less massacre of unarmed Biafran demonstrators occurred, you did not have the guts to tell your government and the British citizens what was going on, just as usual you were caught trying to bend the truth at the expense of wasted innocent lives.

E. After all the crimes were committed, Buhari came to see the Queen for a job well done, he was given the red carpet and was courted by the Bishop. Pictures don't lie.

F. The energized resurgent Biafrans have witnessed the same crime, subjugation and crime against humanity that you have devised against them and they are telling you that enough is enough. When will you accept your crimes and failed policy and change the course?

Your own David Frost confessed to all the hated policies towards the Biafrans, and the question is why? We have no more interest in your moulded cracked Nigeria. Go with the Northerners and leave us alone because other well-wishing countries that care for our survival will fill your vacuum in less than a week.

We need peace and tranquillity, but you have continued to sew the seed of confusion and distrust amongst us. If you can give a referendum to your white brothers why are you then still killing black Africans in Africa with false information that pitches them against one another? JUST BECAUSE IT IS REPORTED BY THE BBC DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE.

Your proposed BBC Ibo service is another ploy to tear us apart, and it is bound to fail. You cannot divide us anymore and let me shoot it down before it takes off from the ground.

You are talking about BBC Biafra service and not Ibo. You are very familiar with the old map of Eastern Nigeria? Please, this is the Biafra we are talking about It is made up of other ethnic groups, and we have no minorities.

The Biafra government officials should be consulted before you engage in such venture because we did not ask for it and you cannot get up one morning and make rules for us. In as much as we have nothing against the British, you should forthwith try to right the wrongs you did. It is on this forum that you can address our issues as Biafran and not Igbos to the world and Britons

Biafrans should stand firm and remain resolute. Your enemies have different faces and will do everything possible to bring you down and keep you there. You are racially strangled in your own God given land Why is it now that we found ourselves and got united that you want to create BBC Ibo Service? Do you all now see how you are being ambushed?

The BBC propaganda establishment we are demanding answers to the questions posed above. You and the Hausa /Yoruba cohorts have not done anything for us for over a hundred years, and now we are going home you are coming up with decisive program that will fall flat on its face.

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