Published by Uchechi Collins on Sunday, November 20, 2016.

Pastor tony with members

A team of IPOB writers, Biafran writers and other journalists were at Great Mountain of the Lord's House Mission Int'l A.K.A Winners Faith Assembly for a press conference on the invitation of the  General Overseer, Pastor Tony faith who recounted his divine revelations on Biafra.

He started the press conference with a prayer after which he stated his previous revelations on the Gulf war, the U.S 9/11 attack, the just concluded U.S election and many other occurrences, with dates and documented evidence.

In his words,  "The revelations on Biafra came as a trans on two different occasions; In the first one I saw Nigeria as a gigantic tree in the shape of the Nigerian map, as I looked at the tree, the leaves and branches suddenly dried up from top to roots right before me within a minute, then immediately a small tree grew up from under it with the map of Biafra, it grew huge with bulging branches and greenish leaves that expanded quickly, I was almost hit by it but then I opened my eyes"

"In another vision, I saw Biafrans going home with their loads, bags and children. The crowd was much, and there was excitement everywhere amongst them."

He then went on to say that God has told him that it is time for Biafrans to go and no man born of a woman can stop it. He said God showed him 26 plagues that will come on Nigeria should they try to stop Biafrans from going.

 In an advice to President Buhari, he said the only way to stop the Nigerian ship from sinking is to un-board Biafra.

"God is offended by Buhari's arrogance and is preparing to visit him but has sent me to warn him first."

He prayed for Nigerian authorities to have the ears to listen for the sake of the innocent people in it.

"God told me that Nigeria is not His country, that He has chosen Biafra as the deliverer of the African continent. Africa can not get survival while the solution to its penury is held captive. Biafra is the solution to Africa" he said.

He concluded by saying that God has told him to warn Nigerian authority that He is the commander of the universe, and if they don't let Biafrans go as he has commanded, he will gather nations against Nigeria and visit them. He said a prove to these prophecies would be what will happen by 2017 - God will visit Nigeria.

He advised Biafrans not to fidget, or carry arms, saying that the battle is of the Lord's. He admonished them to praise God instead like Desmond Tutu of South Africa did.

The press conference which ended at 3 pm left many awed as there were many witnesses to the authenticity of Pastor Tony Faith's prophecies and revelations.

Ken Pat
Reporting for IPOB Writers



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