By Ogu Edozie Williams

September 4, 2016

Appointing A Criminal To Surrender A Just Cause

As events unfold, the illiteracy of Buhari becomes evident. He continues to show how unlearned he is.

But does he not have learned people around him at least to teach him to tread on the path of the learned; chew over things before doing them?

Oh! I forgot that a tyrant does not take advice from his subject neither does he go for it because to him everyone is a rat.

He allows pride to rob him good counsels that would save him public disgrace even when he mistakenly comes in contact with a custodian of wisdom.

It is clear that Muhamadu Buhari has acted absurdly by nominating a criminal to end a cause he (the criminal) didn't start.

In the right senses of a reasonable man, does it not amount to loss of compliments appointing or choosing a person who is alien to a cause to surrender the cause?

Who does the public know as the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra? Is it Charles Okah or Nnamdi Kanu? If it is Nnamdi Kanu, how then would Buhari and half-illiterates advise him to name Charles Okah as the leader to surrender the Biafran nation to the federal government of Nigeria?

If Nnamdi Kanu wants to surrender to Nigeria, would he not appoint his deputy, Uche Mefor,  to do that?

When  the great leader of Biafra decided to surrender to Nigeria during the Biafra war, did he not appoint his second in command to take the lead?

Sincerely speaking, those that came up with the idea of nominating Charles Okah, a criminal, as the leader of Biafrans to surrender to Nigerian government on 15th January 2017, are less than fools. Their reasoning is less than an animal's. Such people have left Nigeria as a laughingstock before the comity of nations.

Let me sound it to Buhari and his advisers that if they want to release Okah brothers, they should find something else to give as reasons but not Biafra agitation because if they do, they can never succeed to stop Biafra agitation.

Instead of achieving disorganization of IPOB, Buhari will receive more frustrations from the Biafra end because the freedom of Biafra is God's project. And at the end, Biafra will be restored.


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  1. The TRIPOB and REIPOB creation by Buhari, Vanguard and their supporters clearly shows the absolute lack of common sense in those who govern Nigeria today. It clearly shows that Nigerian politicians and rulers are foolish and that’s why Nigeria is a failed State and off-course a global disgrace to humanity. Biafrans must do all within its power to exit this Islamic and jihadist contraption called Nigeria.


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