By Adaeze C. Nwachukwu

Operation Crocodile smile VS Operation Crododile tears

Reports reaching IPOB writers news desk have it that another Nigerian military fighter jet has been shot down by the Niger Delta freedom fighters, This is the second Military airforce jet to be allegedly shot down by the freedom fighters in an operation crocodile tears mission  set to respond to the Nigerian military.

Six Nigerian air force military fighter jets were earlier deployed to the riverine region in an operation crocodile smile mission to bomb out the niger delta militants from the creeks on Sunday met a strong resistance from the militants and two of the jets was shot down and seven soldiers captured.

This new development comes as the president of Nigeria Buhari vowed to crush the Niger delta avengers and has amassed huge military hardware and weaponry to the region, as a sign of failed dialogue,

Last week, videos of tanks and artillery were seen moving into the region in a war prepared mission.

Nigeria which is officially in recession and facing a serious insurgency in the Northeast, a tensed political situation, dead economy and a weak currency, the country under the Buhari regime is facing numerous problems and citizens have been calling for his resignation accusing him of dictatorship and corruption. Nigeria may be gradually  slipping into another civil war after the Biafra-Nigeria civil war in 1967-1970 that left over 6 million dead.

Recalling that the deadly civil war  in 1967 started out like this and as at that time Biafrans never thought that Nigeria would declare war on them  after the Aburi conference in Ghana.

The Aburi accord declaration was meant for peace but after a few days General Gowon declared war on Biafra and invaded the land, the Biafrans have little time to prepare or resist the attack but they fought bravely and the war dragged on for three years until declared no victor, no vanquish.

We are about to see the same event happen again only but this time the tide can turn over to the other side, if nothing is done now to stop it, the people from the southern region are agitated over the intense marginalization and inhuman treatment from the Nigerian Government which is why the freedom fighters called "Niger Delta Avengers have risen" and has vowed to fight for the people.

Edited by Uchechi Collins

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