Dear Nnamdi:

I don't know if someone can get this to you by tomorrow but if not possible then shortly thereafter. I want to say that you have made the biggest impression on me over any Pastors, Professors or Employers. I feel as if I know you personally through all your loyal followers and through your passionate videos. Your voice is so commanding and powerful that there is no doubt that you are God sent.

I am here in America and I have never seen such sacrifice and love by a man. The attitude in America is very different generally reach the pinnacle of success at whatever cost in a fierce competitive struggle. I cannot wait to meet you one day as well as all of the wonderful Biafrans I communicate with here and more recently the Ambazonians. I am praying for your release as you have done nothing wrong despite the stubborn, ignorant government implying that you have for exercising freedom of speech and possessing dual passports.

I will continue lobbying for your release and for Biafra as these are legitimate requests in spite of being viewed as a King's ransom. We do not have anyone here of your caliber that has sacrificed so much for his people. I have never known someone or read about someone with so much integrity and honor other than Jesus Christ himself.

Thank you Nnamdi



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