It is now obvious that John Tosho cannot deliver a good judgement in a case he has collected bribe to jail and sentence Nnamdi Kanu to death as ordered by Buhari. Nnamdi kanu's case on treasonable felony resumes today 05-04-2016 amidst reports and facts about a compromised justice John Tosho who startled and jeopardized the nigerian judicial system by contradicting his judgement on granting secret trial on Nnamdi KANU of radio Biafra although that simply showcased the level of corruption that has ravaged the judicial system in nigeria and consequently is now seen as a way of life in this contraption called nigeria. 

The question on everybody's lips is; what more can you offer if you can't serve justice? How are you faring in your currently corrupt status? Who should the common man run to since the judicial system of nigeria is bastardized adding to its status quo . Nnamdi Kanu as all knows is agitating for self determination as enshrined in the UN and nigerian constitution but this is what the DSS on the orders of Buhari has tagged treasonable felony, it is to be noted that Nnamdi Kanu has been previously granted bail by two courts which the DSS on the orders of Buhari denied him and instead of facing contempt of the court the are allowed to walk the streets untouched but instead returns to the same court to charge KANU of treasonable felony, 

isn't this funny and makes a caricature of the judiciary who is supposed to be unbiased in a sensitive case like this? I am appealing to the ICC and all necessary international bodies to take cognisance of the level of abuse of human rights on Nnamdi Kanu and act fast to avoid a repeat of this in other places, IPOB has remained peaceful in their agitation despite the fact that they have been maimed, murdered, killed by BUHARI'S Army and police for agitating for self determination, and they have resolved to continue been peaceful , resolute and formidable no matter the face of danger they are subjected to but justice should and must be served because it is his right to agitate for self determination and it is only in a country as corrupt as nigeria that self determination is seen as treasonable felony but Biafra restoration is assured no matter what. 

Ezekwereogu John 

Editor Udeagha Obasi

For UmuChiukwu Writers


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