Biafra: Our Ancestral/Native Names Must Be Repristinated

■Author: Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu
■ 12, July 2020

The question to Christian Folks. Did Apostles Of Jesus Christ Change Their Name After Baptism? Why Is Pope Francis Not Answering Amadioha Kanu? The racist of baptizing Christian folks with western names is behind my control, so after baptizing one, you must choose a foreign name over his native name? Without advance of doubt, it got to prove that your heaven does not accommodate ancestral/local names, your heaven is a place of racist and tribalism.

It's highly provocative and unusually sadden that some Biafrans who claimed to be intellectually educated and wiser than their ancestors has abounded their ancestral/native names for meaningless western names, they stupidly and ignorantly claim our ancestral/native names are fetish whiles as every western name they bear are pagan and fetish just like ours.

 To you misguided demented efulefus of Biafra extractions, our ancestral/native names has nothing to do with idolatry, most of our ancestral/native name's are exceptionally unique, it's a thing of shame that we Biafrans are not proud of our ancestral/native names, when are we going to stop all this nonsensical habit of coping western world, we answer western names, do western wedding, eat western food, drink western water, speak the western language, dress western dressing, yet we claim we are intellectuals, that we are educated more than our ancestors, what happened to our unique, beautiful traditions and cultures? Our native names? The reason why we are backward is that we have abounded our ancestral/native names, how many of your so-called salve masters are bearing our native names, the more we bear western names, the more we keep impoverishing and enslaving ourselves, those of you bearing Paul, peter, and luck as your baptism name because you want to make heaven don't you know we have Amadioha, Kanu and Amarachi in heaven? Our stupidity is we keeping defending what is not ours.

It's obvious those days when children are not given foreign names has gone, the days when every family used to have certain names of their family they want their child to bear, those names were linking the child to his or her guardian angel, because we believe in reincarnation, gone are the days when a child is born they will consult and find out who has reincarnated in the family and give the name of that person to the child, these were to also make sure that the child was rooted in the spirituality of the family, the days when an umbilical cord of a child will be buried somewhere at home with some few rituals done to always connect the child with a home, but when Europeans came with Christianity they blacklisted everything as evil, and we believed them and followed them, we are suffering at their hands, and we are helpless because we always look to them for our problems.

The greatest racist is denouncing your ancestral/native names and calling them fetish, you idiot efulefus claiming our ancestral names are idolatry must note that the reason why we answer our ancestral names is to confirm to you that our ancestors do exist and that everyone has ancestors, otherwise, if you don't have an ancestral name you would not be existing, you live because they have lived, you are what you are because of them, ancestors are living within us through the life that they have imparted to us, through their names that we bear, their DNA is always with us, and wherever we are they are there because they live in us through their DNA in us, we don't believe in ancestors because we know them and some of them we have even spoken and touch them, I don't need to believe in My Grandmother or Grandfather because I know that she or he was and is existing through me, if she or he was not, I wouldn't be here today.

We are our Ancestresses and our Ancestors. You need to go deeper than that because our Ancestresses and our Ancestors are more ancient more than one can think of, our ancestral,/native names are as old as creation itself, always take nature into account when dealing with your ancestral/native names, because there are spiritual implications attached to it, we must retrace our steps back to our ancestral/native names and do away with western pet names.

In conclusion: we must be proud of our ancestral/native names for they are not fetish nor idolatry names if we deny our ancestors today generations to come will also deny us because we must all die someday and become ancestors to them.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John Odinaka
Published By Udeagha Obasi 
For Umuchiukwu Writers


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