Biafra: Nigeria The Empire Of Death

■Author: Joseph Ogochukwu
■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu
■ 10, July 2020

It's quite unfortunate that every individual that discovered the meaning of (Nigeria) or the consequences of being a Nigerian has always regretted why. They pray that the next world they should not be Nigerians; this is because of the agony, threat, intimidations, traps, and killings facing every human being in Nigeria.

Leaders are meant to take care of the masses. Still, in Nigeria, the tools of killing and maiming the poor masses claiming to be protecting them, such a hypocrite, Nigeria politicians have succeeded in setting up traps on the road by digging holes all over our streets which are killing thousands of people on a daily bases. Nonsalary payment of Doctors and nurses which made them embark on strike and the masses are bearing the consequences as there is no one to attend to the sick once and thousands of life has been lost on this process.

Mohammadu Buhari and his politician's joint hand in establishing Boko Haram, Fulani Headsmen, Iswap and Miyetti Allah just to be killing Christians under ethnic cleansing which ha taking more than 5 million Christians in Nigeria and due to the Government threat to the lives of Christians, Pastors, Bishops, and even common man were placed on watch as death await anyone that laments or talk about it.

Nigerians indeed await execution from the politicians and President Mohammed Buhari administration because if the president failed to kill you by sending his army, he would send Boko Haram to do so and if Boko Haram failed he will send Herdsmen and if Herdsmen eventually failed then peradventure you must die on a road accident, if you dodged the road accident, then the policy will shot the person to death, and when you are taking to the hospital there, you will see the corpses littered every were indicating that Nigeria has no value for human lives and this is the major reasons we are seeking for Biafrans independent because two can not work together without in agreement and there is no how Light and Darkness can be marched together so we pray that the world powers could hear Biafrans out and extract us out from this death trap called Nigeria before they kill us all. We are not safe in Nigeria, and this is why we must fight to be free because freedom is our human right.

Femi Fani-Kayode Wrote, and I quote; The truth is that the unconscionable oppressors that constitute the Nigerian ruling elite and political class and those at the top never see things clearly until the explosion comes. More often or not, they are intoxicated by the opium of power, they become deluded, they lose touch with reality, and they are blinded by the awesome power that they wield.

And when there is a reaction to their tyranny, arrogance, and oppression and the call for resistance and self-determination begins to gather momentum, history proves that instead of reaching out with compassion, love, and understanding, they treat their vassals and victims with insensitivity, brutality, savagery, and contempt.

Yet despite all one thing is clear: regardless of their relentless opposition and repression, when the time comes, when the song of liberation beckons and when the freedom bell tolls not even one million misguided and bellicose Nigerian army commanders can resist the restructuring or break up of our country once it is clearly established that that is what our people want.

The truth is simple and clear: you cannot force people to remain together forever! And if you really want them to stay together, you cannot treat them like animals. You cannot break their hearts, wound their souls, bind their spirits, shatter their dreams, abort their vision, and constantly make them shed tears.

You cannot abuse, threaten, kill, maim, incarcerate, intimidate, insult, rob, humiliate, demean or cheat them, but instead, you must show them, love, compassion, and kindness and treat them well.

The Nigerian state has been callous, insensitive, cruel, brutal, unjust, and unfair to most of its ethnic nationalities. #supportBiafransfreedom #supportBiafransreferendum #Biafransmustbefree #Biafraisourhope

Edited By Ezekwereogu John Odinaka
Published By Udeagha Obasi 
For Umuchiukwu Writers



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