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■ 09, July 2020

Good evening wonderful people great Biafrans wherever you are, we are welcoming you to another exciting edition of Radio BIAFRA presentation, I say good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight to some of you regardless of where you are domiciled, I promise you today is going to be an extraordinary session of our live presentation.

We have a prophetess with us all the way from New York, and I will be bringing her in very shortly, but before then and as always we are going to handover our proceedings to the most high Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile. But I must remind those who are listening in case you are joining us for the very first time that this is Radio Biafra, we are live and direct, and the whole world is listening to us, across every time zone in more than one hundred countries and territories around the world, I welcome each and every one of you.

My name is Nnamdi Kanu

I am the leader of the indigenous people of BIAFRA by non on this very earth, the director of the Radio Biafra, the director of BIAFRA Television and by the very special grace of one indivisible God in Heaven Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile Elohim Adonai El Shaddai a servant of the world wonderful people of BIAFRA.

We have come that freedom may prevail, we have come that BIAFRA may be restored, we have come that every captive in the damnable zoological republic may be set free, we have come that those that seek the truth in every way possible shall be able to find it and those of us who are based on the light of the Most High shall see the glory, that is the restoration of BIAFRA in our time that we may praise the Most High very diligently and in truth and in every honesty.

I am going to pray very shortly before I ask the prophetess to tell you us what she has for us, I will even ask her if she is related to the vice president Osinbanjo who has been missing for a while now because her name is Osinbanjo, I welcome each and every one of you once again.


Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as always, and after which I Onyebuchukwu Oluchukwu Nwafor echoed Isee Isee Iseeee to all the great prayers he made, and he proceeded with the broadcast.

I remember very vividly that Yeshua (Jesus) said to lead us not into temptation that temptation is the damnable zoological republic, and without any further hesitation as a preamble to our program this very evening, morning, afternoon or night it could even be your early evening. We are going to go to this woman of God all the way from New York to tell us what he has to install for us; she said Elohim gave her a massage and we want to listen to her and if possible I will be able to ask her some questions.

Thank you very much, Prophetess, can you please hear me?

Prophetess: Yes!

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Thank you very much, we start once again by you giving us your name and where you are calling from, please.

Prophetess: My name is Prophetess Oyetutu Osinbanjo.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Thank you very much. Are you calling us from New York?

Prophetess: Yes, my Church is Church of light Evangelism Ministry.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: And why do you decide to call me the other day when we spoke, please?

Prophetess: yes in the 1st of July, I was in the bathroom when the holy spirit came and started giving massages of Nigeria to me, and I ran out, and I quickly picked my phone, and I started recording it on the phone, and when I recorded it I send it to a friend that this is what God said. Then I woke up on that Friday because I did night vigil. Waking up to put on the You-Tube I just saw that this is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu that I wanted to pass the message to again, I just saw the WhatsApp and the number, I say God you are great to do you want me to pass the message to him? He said yes, I said okay I would do. I quickly add the WhatsApp number on my phone, and I started texting you, this is what God says.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Please, before you continue I have some few questions to ask you, are you are Biafran?

Prophetess: No, I am a Yoruba woman.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Are you married to a Biafran?

Prophetess: no, please

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: have you meet me before?

Prophetess: never, I say that I only got your WhatsApp number on Friday.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Because people will be wondering why a Yoruba woman would be listening to Radio Biafra and Prophetess for that matter. Somebody who runs a church in New York.

Prophetess: I will not be afraid of a massage given to me; this is not the first time of giving massages, even America knows I give massages.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Please go ahead!

Prophetess: So this is not the first time when God sent me, I follow. God wants peace in Nigeria, and if you look at my Twitter, I have always go there to say God says we should be one Nigeria. We will never be divided, we are one under one umbrella, he has been saying that and I have been going to Twitter to say that, but on Wednesday, July 1st he gave me a break down of how he wants it to be, he said Nigeria must be in four regions, the Northerners, the Biafrans, the Oduduwa's and the Middle Belts. Four regions under Nigeria, he said you are all under Nigeria we are all Nigerians. He said being in different regions, we can make our regions as great as we want it's in our hands.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu:  So what you are talking about infecting if I understand you correctly is a form of restructuring is that correct?

Prophetess: Exactly restructure Nigeria so that everybody will be happy.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: I gave you this opportunity to be able to speak to the whole world because I believe in democracy, and not just freedom of speech but the divergence of opinion. I don't want people to be hearing just the voice of those of us who are campaigning viciously for an independent state of BIAFRA, and now there are some questions that I want to ask you because to me considering what we have to analyze this evening and go through it seems to me that whatever you might have seen could be referring to the past. Because I have here in front of me the text of what transpired at Aburi and what transpired at Aburi involved quite a lot of people. And I will tell you right now this very minute the names of those that went to Aburi to discuss this same thing that you are talking about, and then if it's the will of God as you said, that there should be a division into four regions.

Now my question is, why didn't it happen then? But am going to come to that in a minute, I want to let you understand that what you are talking about has been tried in the past, exactly what you are saying.

Prophetess: I am not aware, I don't even know.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Am telling you now that it happened, it's here I have it here, and I want it to be posted. This is a transcript from the tape of the recording in Aburi where exactly what you prophetess are saying now was discussed,  between January 5th and January 7th 1967. The reason why I am bringing this up is that what you saw is not out of play, but maybe God was showing you how Nigeria could have been having they help themselves in the late 60s. Let me tell you those who went to discuss exactly what you are telling us tonight.

Please click on the link below to see the Aburi Accord transcript that took place in Ghana in 1967:


This is to tell you prophetess, the Nigeria you are talking about everybody they assembled, from Hausa/Fulani as the case may be, from Yoruba, from the Midwest and from BIAFRA everybody gathered to discuss this thing you are saying in Ghana between the 5th of January to the 7th of January of 1967. All the thing that you saw in your vision or in your message, all of that have been discussed in the past, they discussed it and agreed. Now I want you to go back and ask God why did it not happened in 1967?

Prophetess: Can I answer that?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Please do!

Prophetess: God's time is the best in everything we are doing in life; no man has the power of God. You may want it that time, and it's not yet right for God to manifest it.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: I am not disputing what you are saying.

Prophetess: I am just telling you it's God's time.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: now are you aware that there are Oduduwa people in the Benin Republic in Dahomey?

Prophetess: All this history, you just say it, am just a woman of God to give a message of God.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: I want you to be able perhaps you will come back again, you will go back to God again first and say to God, but this happened in 1967, and 5millon people died as a result of it because this wasn't to happen and they killed 5million people In other to make this type of Nigeria you are talking about now not to happen, now what I want to know is, there are Oduduwa people in the Benin Republic which is nearby to us, the reason why I have slight difficulties in this is this, before the white man came the Oduduwa were all one people, from Kogi all the way to present-day Dahomey they speak their Yoruba language there was no problem.

The Europeans came and divided the Yoruba nation into two. Now you have a part of them not divide by God oh, now you have a part of Yoruba people In Benin Republic, and you have another set of Yoruba people In Nigger-area (Nigeria). The question am asking now is why would God first all creat an entire race and then all of a sudden send a white man to come and divide it and cut them into two? And instead of the Oduduwa's to go back and look for their people and have one beautiful big Oduduwa nation that stands the present-day Benin Republic and Nigeria, why would Oduduwa just confined themselves in Nigeria knowing fully well that we tried these things you are suggesting now that God told you about in 1967 and 5million people died, what makes you believe that people will not die again if they try it?

Prophetess: They will never is only the enemies that will die: those who are stubborn, those who don't want to listen to God. Suppose you did not get it. In 1967 as you said, it was not yet God time.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: Prophetess you are absolutely right that in your vision you saw four regions and those four regions they were intermingling, everybody was visiting everybody, because all the four regions will be in Ecowas, and in Ecowas you can wake up and travel to Liberia, you can travel to Katrina, you can travel to Ibadan nobody will stop you, but where I have problems which is why I want you to go back to God, you are a prayerful woman of God  I want you to go back to God and ask for clarification. Because you saw four regions which are the breaking up of Nigeria, which is absolutely correct because that very autonomy you are talking about under Nigeria which is now what diplomats are saying all over the world is what they want, that they don't want Nigeria to break, they want Nigeria of four regions everybody doing your own thing but your name will still be Nigeria.

What I want you to go back to God and ask God is this, if it's God's will how come God gave power to people that will always say no to it? I don't understand it. If this is God's will, why will God always through the British give power to the Fulani that will always say no to it why?

Prophetess: That was when men were ruling, this is called vision he spoke a voice to me, and I heard it when he was telling me, and I quickly pick the phone, it's vision.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: I agree with you I do not doubt you when you spoke before you said something about IPOB and this very agitation, what was God purpose for this very IPOB agitation I want to know. There was something you said, are you saying that IPOB came to fight for everybody not just for Biafrans alone there was a way you put it?

Prophetess: No, I was telling you that you people are fighting for BIAFRA that the way God has given the vision you don't have to fight for BIAFRA. Fight for Nigeria to be what God said it should be, I grant you with four, in this region, everybody is in peace, harmony and love, I as Yoruba can come and live in BIAFRA state without any problem, I can buy houses, and I can be doing my business. It's where everybody will be doing business together the joy of the Lord will be with everyone; we are happy to call ourselves Nigerians.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu: I want to explain something to you, if it wasn't God plan in 1967, and because it wasn't God plan 5million people were killed as a result of restructuring. Now what made you to also think in 2014 when Jonathan called for a confab and the Fulani walked out they didn't want it, so I keep wondering if this very matter is God's will how come in 1967, 5million people died because of it? Again in 2014 even before then, they have had a series of confabs. People from the South by which I mean the Oduduwa, the BIAFRA they canvased for Regionalization which is exactly what God showed you and the Fulani said no, this is about the fourth times they have said no if somebody got them round the table and they said no, so am wondering is God going to send angle from Heaven to come and tell the Fulanis that this is his will I don't understand it? That is why I said you should go back to God and ask him why it was like that?

Prophetess: My God always talk once; it has never repeated himself twice. Is not a God you will question. When he says yes, his yes is yes and his no is no, he said yes now.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu:  On what base will God allow something that he did not create to continue to exist? Because God created Oduduwa. This is how you know the nation that God actually created is very simple, what you need to do is this you go online, you can go to Google if you want, ask Google who created Oduduwa? Oduduwa is older than even Britain, if you type it in you will see that Oduduwa descends from God himself, that is according to their folklore, nobody created Oduduwa. The same thing if you type in who created England?  You will find out that nobody created England, they will tell you about who succeeded who and who came in. The same thing with Russia, for Germany, for every ancient Kingdom including Ethiopia. Ask yourself who created Ethiopia, the nobody.

Now let us go and ask Google, who created Nigeria? If you want to know who created Nigeria immediately you go into Google it will tell you lord Lugard created Nigeria 104 years ago. Do you see my point? And I want you to go and ask Google who created Hausa people?  Nobody created Hausa people; it was founded there is a difference between founding a nation and creating one, if you go now and ask your Google who created Oduduwa you will not see any human being never if you ask who created BIAFRA you can never see any.

Even if you ask who created Fulani, you can not see any. But once you say who created Nigeria, you will see a man's name appear. In other words, they are assuming the position of God almighty. Only God can create a nation, so in my conclusion how I saw your vision, my personal opinion is that your vision is about the division of Nigeria, because God did not create Nigeria I have proven it now that God did not create Nigeria. But God created Hausa, God created Oduduwa, God created Tiv, God created BIAFRA, God created all these people you can never hear a person say I created this very place, only God can create a nation and not man, that is why Nigeria can not survive any amount of hatred from anybody heavens knows.

I welcome your call this very day, and I thank you very much. I look forward to welcoming you back on this very platform and remain blessed thank you very very much.

The program this evening we have our live interactive sessions mostly on Friday's, I allowed our mother in the Lord so to speak to come and tell us, the part of her vision that I accepted was the division into four. Not the other one still under Nigeria no, maybe it was when God was taken away all the green, white green flag. She might have seen green, white green, and it wasn't God at all.

What I wanted to do today was to go into the corruption in the zoo, but I discovered that this prophetess rang and said she has something to say and I said to her I want you to say it to the hearing of the whole world as she just did. What we are now going to do is to proceed very consciously towards this very lecture this very evening.

Can God preserve the creation of a man but saying no when men Are carrying out that same vision that he showed to our dear sister? That is what I don't understand, that is the only place am having a slight confusion because Nigeria is artificial, it's man-made, and that is why we must try all we can to make sure that it no longer exists.

There will be four Nations emerging that is the part of her prophetess that I want us to take away, and all these people will corporate, and the Fulani will go back to Fouta Djallon where they came from, the Hausas can travel mingle and stay wherever they like. The Middle Belt nation will mingle and stay wherever they like the same thing with Oduduwa and also BIAFRA as well.

One thing we are not going to have is a monolithic, unyielding, irredeemable zoo called Nigger-area (Nigeria). It can not ever happen ever.

The voice of the people is the voice of God, and People are saying that they are tired. Oduduwa is saying that they want to be free, Biafrans are saying we want to be free, Middle Belt wants to be free, Hausa under burden wants to be free.

Everything our dear sister the Prophets was saying Ọjukwụ discussed at Aburi absolutely everything. They agreed.

Ọjukwụ declared BIAFRA on the 30th of May, and I want people and historians to note this down very carefully please, I want to put to bed all the misinformation and lies surrounding the emergence of BIAFRA very very critical we understand this.

In 1967, They went to Aburi, and they agreed Ọjukwụ came back waited for January, waited for February, March, April and May are you following me? January Gowon didn't implement the restructuring of Nigeria no, February no restructuring, March no restructuring, April no restructuring until the end of May pure five solid months waiting for a gentleman agreement that was reached in Aburi to be implemented and they said no, before Ọjukwụ declared BIAFRA on the 30th of May. Having attended Aburi between the 5th and the 7th of January but your historians will never tell you this.

What people fail to understand is this, what people fail to acknowledge is this that it was the devil that built Nigeria, it was the devil that built a very horrible man to create Nigeria, not God, God never created Nigeria not for one second, because had God created Nigeria you will not see the name lord lugard created Nigeria 104 years ago.

I was speaking with a very important personality yesterday and did you know what he told me? He said I went to the North he is from the Middle Belt, he said the North you know that thing they called Durbar the Ofara of the North? There is something called Durbar festival, it's celebrated around Ramadan is a Muslim holiday in the North, I want anybody to go to the Durbar in the North you will see the light-skinned mangroves that are the Fulanis on top of camels, they are the Royal family, and you will see Hausa people following them on foot doing Ranka Dede, not their fellow Fulanis but Hausa people because they conquered Hausa people.

How was, is it possible for the minority of a few Fulanis moving cattle from place to place to conquer a people with an envious civilization In Africa like the Hausa people how was that possible? They did it by doing what they are doing now. They divide you, and they tell you they are bringing something better, they are fighting corruption, they are going to take you closer to God That was how the Hausa people lost Sokoto, they lost Kano, they lost Katstina etc... Do you know why they lost it? They lost it because they campaigned against their own people, I am saying this because of the few Efulefu's who think that by fighting BIAFRA, or talking rubbish that somehow they are making their lives better, they are preparing themselves for conquest, themselves and their children and those unborn.

Do you know what is happening today? I want anybody to tell me if this is a lie the Sultan of Sokoto where is he from? He is a Fulani man. He is a Sultan in a land that belongs to Hausa people, how about the Emir of Kano? Which is the heartbeat of Hausa people, he is a Fulani. How about the Emir of Kebi? Fulani, not Hausa. How about the Emir even in Ilorin in Yoruba land? He is not a Yoruba man, not even an Oduduwa Muslim the Emir of Ilorin is Fulani, not Yoruba man.

The Governor of Sokoto state? He Is Fulani, not Hausa, whereas Hausa is the majority ooO, the Governor of Katsina is Fulani, not Hausa, Governor of Zamfara state? Is Fulani not Hausa, Governor of Kaduna state? Is Fulani not Hausa, Governor of Jigawa? Is Fulani not Hausa, the Governor of Gombe state? Is Fulani not Hausa, Governor of Taraba state? Not Hausa, not even a Christian, Governor of Nasarawa state? Is Fulani not Hausa, the Governor of Borno? Is Fulani not Hausa. All the major Imams In the call Sharia Arewa zone in the Sahel, in the North they are all Fulanis. There is no frontline Iman that is Hausa man, now do you understand what they have in install for you?

The more they preach one Nigeria under one unity, the more they enter into you and take you over. They came to Imo state they could not impose Fulani man in Imo state; they got the best next thing which is hope Uzodimma, their stooge and their slave.

The Fulanis killed all the Hausa kings, killed all their high Chiefs and replaced all Hausa kings with Fulani.

When you are talking about one Nigeria, let's have one Nigeria and four regions, I want you to know what awaits your and your people, this is how the devil works, they blind you the devil will blind you so you can no longer see very clearly, this is the things you must understand.

You don't want to be like Hausa people, if you don't want the faith that befalls Hausa people to befall you then you must campaign to go back from where you come from. Where were you before the white man came? Who were you? What sort of political union do you have before lugard came and named you Nigger-area (Nigeria) who were you? Or are you trying to dismiss who you are your identity? Then when a white man treats you bad, you started complaining about racism when you yourself, you have no regard for who you are. You have no regard for your history, how then can you expect somebody else to have regard for you when you have no regard for yourselves? Very important.

It's very important that people understand what we are passing through, we don't expect everybody to support what we are doing and the way we are doing it, that will be very very foolish of us not at all.  But you better have a very good reason, because we have thousands of reasons as to why we do things the way we do them. That is why we are potent, that is why for anybody to be relevant you must mention our name if you don't mention Nnamdi Kanu or IPOB, or BIAFRA nobody will know you are there. You are irrelevant, you are inconsequential, for you to be relevant there are three names you must mention. You must mention IPOB, and you must mention BIAFRA, you must mention Mazi Nnamdi Kanu if you don't mention any of this three you are nobody, you can not generate traffic nobody will know you, that is how strong we are.

Earlier today I have a meeting with very important people in our land, you know people have views and opinions. That was why earlier today before I came on the air I was in a meeting with some very important people, they have something to say to me, and I also have something to say to them and am glad to say that in the end, we came to an amicable understanding about the best way for us to proceed.

But there are a few standout things that came out of that very meeting. One of them is that the consumption of cow meat in our land must stop if you have not seen the pictures or the videos of Fulani men having sex with their cows, please go and have a look at it. And so we encourage our people all over the world to please invest into training battles, we are not just supremely talented, but we are a blessed race, we are running down the clock of consumption of cow meat very very important. The more cow meets you eat, the more you are not just endangering your life you are putting the rest of our people in Jeopardy because if nobody buys their castles, they will not come. Very very important you understand this, that was one of the major outcomes of our gathering today.

And they were concerned and rightfully so about how we respond to those who disagree with us, they want us to take it easy on those who disagree with us, and I say to them that I will do everything within my power to ensure that is the case.

Now those who are complaining that we insult them, that we are not respectful should look at what is happening in the North, should look at what happened in Oduduwa land and understand that if you have a contrary opinion about BIAFRA if you don't believe in IPOB and BIAFRA agitation please keep your mouth shut because if you voice your opinion, and we consider that your opinion to be an insult then you will not be expelled, so the best thing for you to do is to just shut up. Keep serving your Janjaweed masters, and nobody will talk about you. But any day you come out to say any garbage against IPOB or BIAFRA you will be tore into pieces keep your mouth shut and nobody will talk about you.

And if you claim you are a leader, you must stand up and speak when people are imperilled when your people are in danger when your people have been persecuted that is why you are leader, and you must stand up and say something, you must condemn it. Not when your people are dying, you will not say anything, and when your people are agitating to be free, you go and convince the enemies to come and kill them. We have every right to be upset, every right to be angry.

We want BIAFRA and nothing is going to stop us from getting BIAFRA absolutely nothing, nobody can if you present yourself as an agent of the zoo in our land and you say because of that you are 70 years old,  you are coming into Biafraland to talk rubbish we will obliterate you completely do you know why? Because everything we do, we do it with facts and reason.

Do you know that the sponsors of Boko Haram are Fulani people? You also know that the Fulani people are the Officers you have in Nigeria Army in fact across the arm forces In the Zoo. Now they came out openly to say that we are not going to expose Boko Haram sponsors, this is a very bloody group that killed a lot of innocent people. Now that Boko Haram is killing who are those sponsoring them? IPOB is a peaceful movement we are not armed, and now I want somebody to tell me why the army or the presidency is not prepared to name those who are sponsoring Boko? But they are prepared to be looking for those who are funding IPOB that is yet to kill anyone, what does that tell you?

Not only are the Northern elders protecting five terrorist organizations to the point they are now shipping terrorist to our land to be raping our mothers, abducting our daughters after raping us they cut us into pieces in blood daylight.

That elder statemen you have in Biafraland did not come out to condemn the slaughter of his own daughter, those who are making the killings their own elders are not condemning them, I have not heard of any Northern elder condemn Boko Haram or condemn Miyetti Allah never ever ever. Instead, they brought them into the presidency, and they empower them.

Nigger-area (Nigeria) is a course, and you are such a course that you no longer reason. Your brain cells are no longer interacting properly. Are you aware of what is happening in Taraba? The same military you are hoping and praying to save you are busy killing raping women and children in Taraba. In Biafraland land the Janjaweed they are busy raping and killing. You, people, don't know the mess you are in the zoo, no you don't, go to Taraba and talk to them about one Nigeria there they will stone you properly.

I told you here on this hallowed platform that everything that BIAFRA endured everybody will go through it turn by turn. Gowon how far? Gowon how far today?

Nigerian Army is raping women's and destroying properties in Taraba state. After sleeping with castles, they sleep with human beings.

Am happy today that after listening to us the Hausa people are fighting Fulanis back in the North, the Youths are fighting back those killing and raping their women in southern Kaduna. If it's in Biafraland, you will see one idiot from Abuja saying I am a senior advocate let me write. Am telling them to use their brain.

You are talking about restructuring let's restructure, you did not restructure in 1967 when every part of the zoo was represented at Aburi. All the leaders were there they agreed, nothing happened nothing came out of it.

Fulani has now given you a gift, 43% of the global population of poor people live in the zoo; this is according to the World bank. Anywhere you see bad news, you will see the name Nigger-area (Nigeria). Which is to show you that God has never been with Nigeria never; God did not create Nigeria and will never. This is what you get when you put Fulani into power your life is in a complete mess.

The vision they are seeing is division, and that is what we are fighting for, that is why we don't want to restructure either. They see a vision, but that vision is division.

From a caller: "You can't have restructuring where there is no structure" does Nigeria have any structure? I don't think so.

IPOB anyi na atakwa ata (we are biting) my goodness these people are too hot, that's who we are, formidable and unstoppable, we have respect for divergence views, but we set on accomplishing this very mission that Chukwu Okike Abiama said this very generation must accomplish. And that's why we are unstoppable our march is relentless, and freedom is the ultimate goal it doesn't matter what the devil does, it doesn't matter what darkness does, it doesn't matter what gossipers does, in fact, I welcome it, I love it.

When I go into social media, and I see IPOB everywhere am so happy because every publicity is good publicity very very important. And that is why we have preached this very gospel this very evening to remind everybody that the zoo is unsalvageable.

Our brother said you can't have "restructuring where there is no structure" another one said what Ọjukwụ saw 53 years ago, a vision Ọjukwụ saw 53 years ago people are just seeing it now. That restructuring that Ọjukwụ did not bring, that Aburi that Gowon fails to implement, that same restructuring that confab after confab never delivered is it now that the Janjaweed in power with no president will allow it?

By the way, have anyone seen Osinbanjo yet? I just want them to think I have forgotten and then I will hit them very hard, and below the belt this time around, they think we have forgotten? They are dreaming.

I thank each and every one of you, I thank our dear sister Prophetess Oyetutu Osinbanjo from Browns in New York. We thank each and every caller, every listener wherever you are.

We shall respect our elders yes because I too I am an elder, so we respect those who are older than us and those who are younger than us. But not when we are misbehaving, if I misbehave any day I don't expect you to give me any respect I take hatred and venom in return. I don't even deserve pity because I know I will never fail is impossible, from now till thy kingdom come impossible I can never, impossible it can never happen in this world. I know my mission on this very earth.

That is why we proclaim with every certainty, with every assuredness and every convention for those who do not know that to us BIAFRA Is much more than even freedom itself. BIAFRA is beyond the comprehension of mere mortals. To us this family is IPOB, BIAFRA is, in fact, is our religion and here on Radio Biafra is where we worship because Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile Elohim Adonai El Shaddai is our God, from me from here it's good evening.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchiukwu Writers



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