■Author:  Emmanuel Ozioma
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■ 21, July 2020

Biafra: Mazi Kanu, IPOB and the War against Ignorance and Misinformation - Disinformation

The Indigenous People of Biafra and her leader are daring a gigantic monster that had bedevilled the whole of humanity in the past and presently holding most black Africans to ransom.

The monster seeks earnestly to create and maintain in perpetuity the lack of or corruption of facts and figures – it is called ignorance and misinformation - Disinformation. Denotatively, ignorance means a lack of knowledge or information.

The same source explains that knowledge is information and skills acquired through experience or education. Similarly, facts provided about something or someone is known as information. On the other hand, misinformation refers to false or inaccurate information, especially that which is deliberately intended to deceive. Disinformation is but a subset of misinformation. The difference between both words can only be known if the intention of the originator(s) and teller(s) of the “information” can be ascertained in that while the former is premeditated the later may be unintentional.

Over the very many centuries that humans have existed, experiences and experiments have shown that everything in the world runs on controllable laws and principles. These principles form the bedrock of the physical and ethereal things that affect our lives today. Some of these laws and principles have been nonetheless partly explored to improve the daily living of humankind.

The possession and proper utilization of this finding is the reason why some parts of the same planet are obviously more advanced than other parts – leading to the classification of some countries as belonging to the third world. Of course, by almost every scale, Europe, America, and other parts of the world are by far more forward-looking than Africa. This is so because starting from the renaissance eras, these parts of the world, unlike Africa have grasped the reality of this unearthing, decided to dump superstition, and began to subject everything to reason. They have resolved to think more and believe less.

Prior to this discovery, its acceptance, and subsequent application, Europeans lived their lives under the total control of religion and the many belief systems that come with it. Back then, everything was an act of God. People were scared away from making inquiries into occurrences and the causes thereto. Investigation of any form was considered anti-God.

The results which those who broke away from the belief systems came up with were termed blasphemy. Many of them were skinned alive - Some were burnt at stake on the orders of religious leaders. People died just for saying that the world is not flat as religious thought. But religion with its beliefs never gave the world electricity, the telephone, automobiles, the computer, democracy or republicanism to mention but a few of the inventions which the world including the popes, primates, prelates, pastors, imams and other propagators of any religion is enjoying today.

All these inventions became possible once people started to give more to reason and less to believe. Unfortunately, Africans are still living in the yesteryears of humanity – they would rather believe than think. And more forlornly, those who have seen the light seem to prefer that Africa remains in the stone age. With the signs evident in Africa, it would not be out of place to allude that the Europeans who discovered the principles which the world applies today to bring comfort and sanctity to human life, if they really did are misinforming, disinforming as well as keeping Africa in ignorance. If they did not make the discovery, then the narrative has changed.
All the same, they have it now. But Africa has abandoned – religion and belief systems. It is a fact from history that Europe had a lot of influence on Africa. Many countries in Africa today were colonies of one European country or the other. Christianity which is a major religion in the continent, is a European invention. Islam is another major religion in Africa - It may not find its origin in Europe, but the powers that be in Europe and America cannot deny knowledge of the success of the religion in Africa.

The question is: how come that the very successful Europe had so much influence in Africa, but it is the only religion that is very successful in Africa long after they had left the continent, supposedly? Why is education not as successful? The education that ought to bring enhanced reasoning capacity that would birth useful science and technology, a system of governance that is people-oriented, respect for human life, and more. Why does Africa today live the life Europe lived centuries before influencing her? The possible answer is that Europe took advantage of the highly religious inclination they met in Africans when they came. They brainwashed the people through the religion they brought – Christianity as well as the one they met, which they considered apt for their agenda –Islam.

The so-called education was aimed at breaking the communication barrier, which may have been a major challenge then as well as to produce useful slaves who would work for them forever. The services of an employee in Nigeria today, for instance, are directly or indirectly to Britain. That is what the education we crave for was designed to do – to make us forever loyal to the queen of England.

Palpably, Religion and education in Africa serve the same purpose – the perfect sources of Ignorance, misinformation, and disinformation. Over the years, a handful of courageous people and groups have attempted to break the jinx and bring Africa face to face with reality – to lead the people to self-discovery. The likes of Martin Luther King jnr., Bob Marley, Gadhafi, are among many of such people of great and awesome bravery.

Their very praiseworthy efforts indubitably have in one way or the other served as fore-runners to the marvellous cum astonishing work IPOB ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is putting in presently towards liberating Africa. This monster which has ravaged the continent for too long a time is what IPOB is here to destroy whatever the cost. But the strategy here is somewhat unpopular but unique. …To be continued…

Edited By Ezekwereogu Odinaka
Published By Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchiukwu Writers


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