Biafra: The Impact Of Twitter On Biafra Restoration

■Author:  Celestine Ariwodo 
■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu
■ 21, July 2020

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg came to Nigeria, Biafrans started facing media persecution on Facebook. From Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to everyone speaking good about Biafra nobody is left out of the persecution. The ill-treatment faced by every Biafran on Facebook as a result of the Nigerian government bribing the CEO of Facebook never to allow our voices heard has made it a necessity that we go to Twitter.

In the recent broadcasts of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, he warned and begged that we all go to Twitter. It is important we don't forget how much we dealt with Jubril Al Sudani when he ran to Cuba with his master and employer Abba Kyari. The #HoleInTheNeck tweets and retweets forced Aso Rock to ask some Yoruba journalists to start misbehaving, and on Twitter again we crushed them all. We are under the command and must ensure we obey that very command.

The command now is that we all must be on Twitter. Our leader has made it clear that if we do what we are asked to do that Biafra will come this year 2020, but if not by this time next year we will still be where we are. I, therefore, want to state a few reasons why Twitter is important.

1. On Twitter, we can tag Presidents/Prime Ministers, Embassies, Parliaments, House of Congress, State Department, UN, ECOWAS, EU, and many more. 2. We can trend every news that will lead to the complete destruction of Nigeria. When our tweets are trending, it will call for considerable attention. 3. Twitter is not yet bought by the Nigerian government, so we can achieve a lot there.

4. It is a command as I said earlier, and obedience is needed. Our leader has not said something that never worked well before and can never do that now. So let us obey and be free. So many people want to be on Twitter and others are already there, but they often say they don't know how to tweet and retweet that's why they are not making use of it. Some said it consumes more data. What we have to understand is that we are out for Biafra restoration and if it is difficult, learn it. If it consumes more data, sacrifice it.
It is better to spend our data on Twitter than Facebook, but the data consumption I still believe is the same as Facebook. Remember, our individual and collective efforts are needed to restore Biafra, and most importantly, at this moment, your Twitter account and mine are needed as evidence of our seriousness for freedom. However, as we all know or would like to know; in this era, social media is powerful than physical agitation in most cases. Just last Saturday 27th June 2020, Access Bank deducted some money from their customers saying it was a stamp duty fee. Before 24 hours, the bank apologized to its customers, promised to refund the deducted funds, and fulfilled their promise. That was the power of Social Media. If Access Bank customers and some conscientious individuals could stage a media uproar against the injustice done to these customers and got a positive result, it is also important we imbibe the same method in this struggle.

This command is given to all Biafrans, whether you are an IPOB under oath or not, let this be your own input. Many people who do not bank with Access joined Access Bank customers in media protest, and it yielded results, the same way join IPOB and destroy this mayhem born in 1914 that is keeping Africa down.

I can recall that in the last broadcast of our Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on 1st July 2020, he revealed that Nigger-Area (Nigeria) handlers had doubled their media attack. He specifically mentioned BBC IGBO and BBC PIDGIN as the agents of Aso Rock who specializes in BLACKMAILING IPOB and the leadership. Not going to Twitter to do the needful definitely mean we are comfortable with their lies. All that is needed there on Twitter is our presence because we are light when we appear they will vanish as darkness they are.

Our enemies understand the power of media and are using it well in doing evil, but we are to use it for good as we have always done in the past. Therefore, to achieve that purpose, we have to go on Twitter. They always want us around Facebook because they pay the piper (Facebook Nigeria); they are dictating the tone. But if we storm Twitter, we will crush Nigeria there. It is simple. All that is required from us is just to follow our Leader's Twitter handle @MaziNnamdiKanu (with over 157,000 followers), retweet, and like his tweets.

I have heard many people screaming they are waiting for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to give order and everywhere will be burnt down if we don't trend on Twitter that requires no casualties how then do we think we can do better physically? I am not saying we cannot defeat Fulani in a war, and I am simply saying we should obey the order on the ground before another one is given. If we are not comfortable with the place we are, it is our responsibility to do something to get to the place we desire to be. If we are going home this year, then we must do the needful. I look forward to seeing Biafrans set the whole of Twitter on fire any moment from now.

Edited By Ezekwereogu Odinaka
Published By Udeagha Obasi 
For Umuchiukwu Writers


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