Biafra: We Must Establish New Institute  

■Author: Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu
■ 23, June 2020

Order for Traditional Rulers In Ibo-land To heal the predicament ravaging ibo-land, a new institute of traditional rulers should be established, because the current Ibo efulefus parading themselves as traditional rulers have failed us woefully, it's so sad that Ibo traditional rulers have deviated from their primary responsibilities which are to maintain the status quo of Ibo culture and traditions. 

Sometimes I wonder why our traditional rulers will be receiving a salary from a corrupt government, that killed, maimed, intimidate, slaughter and pillage the blood of his subjects? What are they doing with the money? Maybe they are being paid for being part of the system that is destroying ibo-land For decades I have had numerous times that our traditional rulers must preserve our culture and traditions, I begin to wonder which culture and traditions are they protecting? If not slavery, betrayal, oppression, and maintaining white supremacy? 

The incompetent of Ibo traditional rulers is behind human comprehension, that is why Our culture and traditions are dying right under their watch, our customs are vanishing just right under their watch, our languages are perishing just right under their watch, our Ibo education system is also perishing just under their watch, yet they maintain neutrality, and we claim and address them as traditional rulers, are we not stupid? 

What is the duty of these so-called traditional rulers and why we even paying them, when they cannot uphold our culture and traditions? There is nothing positive that I know about our traditional rulers except that they are corrupt, betrayal killer's and products of western supremacy, our traditional rulers were the first to be captured by white supremacy syndrome, they were the first to be converted to Christian, and they then converted the whole ibo-land to a foreign religion, most of the current kings you see in IBO-land are not the legitimate kings, they conspired with the oppressors to kill real kings who were resisting the oppressors during the slave trade, some Ibo traditional rulers were also involved in selling their subjects as slaves,99% of traditional rulers in Ibo-land are 100% product of western supremacy, that is why they can never defend or promote their culture and traditions. 

We called them traditional rulers, yet they come in our gathering wearing suits with just a red cap on top of their head and then address us in the English language, most of this traditional rulers are not even afraid to tell us that they are Christians worshipping foreign gods, IBO spirituality is almost dead, and they are busy promoting foreign religions like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, there are very few Ibo traditional rulers who know about our spirituality especially our special days which are sacred to us as ibos, the gullible ones are busy promoting foreign holidays like Easter, Good Friday, New Year, Christmas and Valentine's. 

Among the holidays in Ibo-land there is not even one holiday that speaks about us as Ibos, it's like we don't even exist yet there are European holidays in our land, yet we claim to be free, the very same Ibo holidays are full of European holidays, which is an insult to us ibos, our traditional rulers are not saying anything about it because they are the product of white supremacy, the sacred holiday's of Ibo culture and traditional day must be observed not just political holidays, we hear about special days for Indians, Chinese and Jews yet we hear nothing about special ibo days, It's like we do not exist in the land of our forefathers, we follow everything, and we have forsaken what is ours, our traditional rulers are just happy that they are receiving grants from their subjects. 

A nation will never be great and be respected by following other nations, religions and culture. Indeed true greatness comes from within, and We cannot be able to fight even poverty whiles following other nations culture and religions, Considering the way we are doing now we shall continue to be slaves for all nations because we have lost what is ours and decided to be followers of other nations, we have been betrayed by our traditional rulers, they are useless. 

A traditional ruler in Ibo-land is the custodian of our culture and also the one who is like a high priest to our spirituality, they have a very important role in most of our spiritual rituals, they must always work hand in hand with the spiritual head of the nation and be at peace with the God of their nation, the High priest of the nation is the one who hears directly from the gods, is the one who is suppose to be crown a king, the king also acts as the High priest of the nation, in some instances that is why they were known to be the mouth that does not speak lies. 

Something is not right until it is right, the challenges we are facing today in ibo-land land is as a result of the incompetence of our traditional rulers, our kings and chiefs have compromised, this man has belittled their honour. 

Today the most stupid, ignorant, selfish and unreasonable people we have in IBO-land are those who claimed to be traditional rulers, they can't think beyond their valueless kingship, the current Ibo traditional rulers are valueless, and their stupidity can never be inherited by our descendants, Instead of collectively investing in their kindred, safe guiding the lives and properties of its subject, they do the exact opposite. 

Until we institute a new Ibo traditional rulers we will continue to slave's in the hands of our oppressors because the current traditional rulers don't have what it takes to drive home the affairs of ndi-ibo, they are just there for political gains. 

Edited By Ezekwereogu John Odinaka
Published By Udeagha Obasi 
For Umuchiukwu Writers


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