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■ 24, June 2020

Good evening wonderful people great Biafrans wherever you are on the face of this very planet, once again this very glorious evening of the Sunday the 21st day of June in the year of our most high Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile 2020, I welcome each one of you.

This very live presentation is going out to you in every time zone on the surface of this very planet, if you are dedicated, if you are serious, if you want to educate yourself from the pain and the suffering, if you're going to escape the damnable zoological republic you must be listening to us at this precise moment if you are not you are doing yourself a great disservice.

Here we have come to preach the unadulterated truth gospel of redemption; some may not like it as I said during my last BroadcastBroadcast of a precisely seven days ago on Sunday I did say that it was Armageddon after that very BroadcastBroadcast that things will no longer be the same. Once again, we have been proving right, and things are not the same.

All the workers of Inequity all those who are blinded by what  I called religious buffoonery they have all been confounded, they are running from pillar to post, they are confused as I know they will be confused because they can not speak in the spirit, they are blind things of the spirit lost on them, but this very day we shall continue.

I will say good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight to some of you because the whole world is listening.

My name is Nnamdi Kanu

I am the leader of (IPOB) indigenous people of Biafra all over this planet; we are in over 100 counties and counting, we are the largest mass movement on the surface of this very earth by non, we are unstoppable, there is nothing anybody can do not now, not tomorrow, not ever we are unstoppable our march is towards BIAFRA, to restore BIAFRA nothing more, nothing less and this very generation of IPOB will accomplish it. Do you want to know why will achieve it? Because we always put Chukwu Okike Abiama first, God almighty in heaven is number one that is why we worship him and him alone, that is why we bow not down before any idol.

 Anaghim efe arusi (I don't worship idol gods) and because of that Elohim said as long as you proclaimed my name in every truth and every honesty, BIAFRA will come in your time that is a promise of God to me and because his words are ye and Amen anything he says must come to pass.

When I said that BIAFRA is the last miracle on the face of this very earth, I meant it.

Elohim is with us, and we must worship him this very evening as we have always done. Still, I am going to pray a slightly different prayer in the language of heaven, IGBO language is the language of heaven, the oldest language in the face of the earth by non-everything I say I have proof I don't say something that I don't know. Anything I suppose there is proof and am also going to prove it to all of you tonight if should you dare or challenge me to do so.

We are going to pray the prayer of the Ten Commandments, and do you know why we will pray this prayer? Because even those that funded the USA if you go to some areas of the USA you will see a tablet proclaiming the Ten Commandments. And why is it very important that we pray this evening alluding the Ten Commandment? Because that will be the basic foundation upon which BIAFRA will rest, I repeat the Ten Commandments of God that nobody dispute, not even Islam everybody believes in it, that is the pillar upon which we are going to rest this new BIAFRA that is my promise to God in heaven, and this evening I will affirm it.

BIAFRA will be a Godly nation circularly yes because you can practice whatever you want to practice. Still, it must be anchored on God, and we answer Nwa Chukwu for nothing, we call ourselves Umuchineke for nothing it's for a purpose, a divine purpose that purpose is that BIAFRA will come in our time.

The pillars that will hold BIAFRA is the mercy of God almighty in heaven unashamedly I proclaim because I know the whole world is listening, they want to see the type of BIAFRA we are going to build and am telling them this very day that BIAFRA will be a Godly nation, anchored on the core values and principles surrounding the Ten Commandment that was given to Moshe (Moses) on mount Sina unashamedly, so I say, and please if you bow down your head wherever you are we are going to pray.

Our enemies are not resting, and we don't expect them to sleep, but we must continue to preach this very gospel the gospel of truth, of redemption and of honesty this very gospel of freedom.

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as always, and after which I Onyebuchukwu Oluchukwu Nwafor echoed Isee! Isee!! Isee!!! to all the great prayers he made, and he proceeded with the BroadcastBroadcast.

We now proceed to unveil the truth this very day that the world may know because the zoo has crumbled, what happened in Ghana yesterday is just confirmation because this very year the zoo will be decimated beyond human comprehension or recognition never again will the zoo exist is gone.

We have not done anything; we have not commenced our match, we have not confronted the Fulani Janjaweed terrorist who is in our forest and our farms, we have not gone out to meet those who are killing us yet the zoo is unravelling before our eyes.

What I want you to understand this very evening is this, that every problem afflicting us as a people, as a race is our own making, every difficulty Biafrans are undergoing right now is our own making and we trace it back to one common or should I say a simple denominate and that denominator is slavery kidnapping and slavery which the whole is now running around trying to atone for.

Before we came on the air, we understand that the Church of England of all places Anglican Church has involved slavery, I will tell you the truth and quite frankly I don't give a dime if you like it if you don't like it go and do your research. Also, the bank of England said they are apologizing for their rule in slavery, and I want to tell you why we are in this mess we are in today. Those of that that have your Bible or even the Quran with you, I want you to go to the book of Exodus chapter 21:16, that is the Genesis of our problem as a race. This suffering we are suffering today if you go back to the holy book, if you go back to the Holy Bible it's there that was the beginning of our problem, everything afflicting black people in America, every pain, every shame, every dishonour you can trace it back to this in the book of Exodus 21:16. And before we proceed any further, you will also understand that every time we say we are in the land of Egypt, the zoo called Nigeria is the land of Egypt.

Exodus 21:16 I want to let the whole world understand, I want to let the whole world know where our problem started from, that they may know the truth and that truth will set them free, once you commit this very crime you must be punished, you race must be punished, God will never ever forgive you until you are punished. I want to let the whole world understand that those of us who are the children of light those of us that supplied the bulk of slave to South America and North America entire West Africa was more or less empty, the most price place are those that came from Biafraland go and check the books you will see, and you will know.

Do you know what the Bible said in Exodus 21:16? Very very frightening about kidnapping your people and selling them. It said that he who kidnapped man whether he sells him as a slave remember those who are bragging that they are slave traders, they are slave dealers I want to let them understand the reason why we Niger Delta is in darkness this evening more than any other place, Nigeria is darkness itself then inside that darkness there is that some people ignorantly refer to as Niger Delta, I want you to know the reason why they are even suffering more than every other person in the zoo called Nigeria it's in the Bible.

As I told you before Elohim gives us massage to give to the living and is my duty and my solemn responsibility to pass that on listening carefully, he who kidnapped man whether he sells him as a slave or you keep that very person, a fellow human being your brother or your sister you will surely be put to death, if nobody can kill you, God, in heaven will kill you because those are his words, we can not put ourselves to death because we our own people first to the Arabs and then to Europeans that is why God is today dealing with us when they kill somebody you campaign and say black lives matters, what you are saying is that we have sinned against God in heaven because we sold our own people as slaves.

I also want you to go to the book of Deuteronomy 24:7 if you go there you will see what is happening, if you go there you will understand what is happening and the reason why we shouldn't be kidnapping people because once you do that, once you kidnapped somebody, you are bringing a course not just upon yourself and your family, you are bringing a course on your generation as well, that is why it's absolutely critical that in the next coming weeks and months when come to confront the enemies who are within, the Janjaweed that has come from all over the Sahel to take over our land that we understand this it's a cardinal rule, it's a cardinal principle that can never ever be bridge because black people sold their own kind that is why the world is treating them like animals that some of them are.

If you go back to the book of Genesis, why did the Israelite suffer in Egypt? It was because the house of Jacob they sold their brother Joseph, the same thing that God himself is against was what they did, they sold him to the Ishmaelite merchants the same thing that we did in the land of BIAFRA, the same thing that we did selling our own people our own kind first to Arabs and then to Europeans and you expect God to love you? Is impossible you must pay for it.

That punishment is what we are in right now, that was why Elohim in his infinite mercy and kindness decided, isn't it very funny that those we sold our people to they came back to conquer us and gave us their religion very very sad Indeed.

Do you see how the punishment goes? The same thing that happened to the temple in Israel when they started to worship idol God went and brought all those nations that they were worshipping their idols to come and conquer Israel one after the other, and sack them and on pain of death never threaten ever to worship God is in truth and honesty anymore until they over 2,000 years in exile, millions dead before they cried and God heard their cry and decided to deliver them in 1948. This Israel you are looking at only come into existence again in 1948, since the time of Christ only in 1948 less than a 100 years ago, the Israel you have heard about never existed for over 200 years it only came into existence only in the 1948 over 100 years ago, and that is the understanding u want all of you to have.

Have you ever asked yourself why is it that people who you are more educated than, more enlighten than are controlling you can you ask yourself that question? Why is it that some of you never pause to even think nor ponder the absorptivity that people that drive cattle from place to place, they can not communicate very well in English language but they are in control of your life have you pondered why?  Do you know why the British gave power over to the Janjaweed to the caliphate? All are in the design of God in heaven to punish you for the things you have done, but now that we have atoned consistently for nearly seven years you are about to witness the Might and Glory of God this very year upon the lives of his children that when BIAFRA comes, you will know to worship God forever and ever this year just watch and see.

Because in the zoo their cut off mark is out I want to start with it, cut off mark is out and can you believe that in Abia you need to score 130 if you are male, 130 if you are a female to qualify to go to unity school which is a Federal Government secondary School, this is one Nigeria for you, what is paining me is not that Fulani Janjaweed is doing this and Yoruba people are supporting them what is actually getting me angry is that our people after seeing this level of injustice year in your out, Month in Month out somebody will still have the temerity to stand up to say we want a restructured Nigeria, we want to be in Nigeria  I want you to understand the level of idiocy in the brain if this people that opened their mouth to talk about one Nigeria, and but are going to ask the question this very evening can you tell me why in Enugu state is 134? Why is the Imo state 138? Why is it that in Osun State is 127?  In the Ondo state is 126, in Ogun is 131 whereas in Taraba, in Yobe you only need to score 3 or 2?

Now my concern is this, are you telling me that your pastors do not see this? Are you telling me that those that claimed they are part of let's keep Nigeria one are they not seeing this injustice? Those that came out to protest black lives matters don't they see this? Am asking don't the British commissioner see this? Don't the US Ambassador understand what is going on? Are you telling me that the German Ambassador is not aware of what is happening? Are you telling me that all the missions of every civilized nation to the zoo called Nigeria are you telling me that they are not aware of this blood daylight blatant discrimination? Now am asking you that want us to be part of one Nigeria on what basis, therefore, are you asking me to be part of one Nigeria? On what basis?

Do you see what they have done to you? Your own children have to score higher than them they want to be president, you are telling me that somebody who is half-educated who can barely mention his name is worthy of being president, after the president, after the president of a damnable contraption whereas those who are educated from the South just seat on the sideline and just watch, and you are telling me that everything is right about this Nigeria? If this were to happen in the USA the riot would not end, if this were to happen in the UK the riot would never end, were this to happen anywhere in Europe you will have a commentator writing and talking about it from morning till night, why are you not doing the same thing I the zoo called Nigeria? Why not I ask you. This is the things you need to ponder, and these are the things you need to consider because they are very very upsetting, that is why the zoo must fall.

The injustice did not stop there everybody is there now watching as violent Islam Jihad is coming, killing people every blessed day, covering up our facts and throwing it all over the place, there was no outrage, there was no shock because a Biafran woman was killed, her right leg cut off, her left leg cut off, her head cut off, her neck cut off, her hands are cut off I don't see anybody complaining in America, I don't see anybody complaining in Britain, I don't see diplomats.

That woman belongs to somebody who has a father and mother may be Children who know, nobody cares, nobody wants to know and after seeing that somebody is telling me about one Nigeria? That is why I am upset with most of them, that is why I insult them, you are evil you want me to belong to a country where somebody can wake up one morning and decide to kill me with no reason? And that person will just go scot-free he or she will even get paid for doing it because they are Fulani and that's a country you want me to belong to?

Every politician you have in the Southern part of the zoo called Nigeria is in the pockets of the Fulanis in the North, and that is a punishment from God, because as we were selling slaves so were the Oduduwa's also selling their own slaves too in Badagry big time, selling slaves big time, that is why you see how God punish people who go against him, slavery Is evil before other people around the world begin to atone for their role in slavery Africans must, first of all, apologies to black Americans for selling them as slaves, we sold our people a white man did not just wake up one morning and start grabbing us no, were were the ones that did it, and this is the result of it.

In a country this is a proof that you have no president, you have novice, you have nobody in power I don't know how else to explain it to black people so they will understand it, that was why the zoo high commission they Embassy in Ghana was demolished, the Ghanaians knows you have no President, do you know the meaning of an Embassy? Sorry to digress a little bit from what we are discussing. Herdsmen are coming in and killing you, the likes of El Rufai are arming and providing should I say political and military cover for this killers to come in to take over our land, to make Nigeria the home of Fulani across the Sahel that is their game plan you know it and I know it, now the question is what are you doing about it? We know what we are doing.

Have you seen how cleverly Channels no longer talk about Buhari? Is now presidency, now after all these pointers what again is stopping you, people, from understanding that you have no president? The zoo Embassy in Accra was demolished you have not heard anything from the president of a country whose land was invaded what does that tell you? Do you see why I am angry with all these fake pastors? If you doubt me go and invade US embassy in Abuja and you are invading it the president of America will come in imminently go and try it anywhere in the world. But you are telling me that the embassy of Nigeria was demolished in Accra the President did not say anything because there is no President absolutely none, herdsmen are coming in they are killing do you now understand my anger against this people? This is what I am talking about the brain of a white man, inability to discern, to reason, to think people don't even know what an Embassy is. They don't know the sanctity of an Embassy they don't understand it. You think is where you only go and get Visa, and you travel, or where you go and get your passport renewed.

Because of that pains and suffering we are undergoing that was why  Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama made us blind, we have forgotten there are IGBO people in Kogi, we forgot there are IGBO people in Benue, we forgot there are IGBO people in Cross River, we forgot there are IGBO people in Akwa Ibom, we forgot there are IGBO people in Bayesal, they took IGBO people away from us in Delta, took them away from us in Edo, now are you following what am saying? Because we have become blind, we no longer seek the face of God Almighty in heaven.

God can not bless you in Nigeria is not possible. If you like to remain in Nigeria for one trillion years, God will never ever bless a Biafran in Nigeria. You may be boyi boyi to Janjaweed, and they give you something and allow your business to thrive, but the road to that lead to your village will be a death trap.

You are in Abuja fooling yourself; you are in Lagos fooling yourself as our mothers are in villages afraid to go to the farm, they are dying of hunger, they can no longer go to the farm can you believe that? And people are doing Ofara in America, building IGBO village in America, you have no shame that is why the white people treat you the way they treat you.

You are now witnessing wickedness from every side, from politicians, from your clergymen, from those you call your elders, from your traditional rulers and when things are this way the only way forward is an absolute overhaul of the system, a revolution and that is what we are having now.

Anybody telling you that the North is United that person is talking rubbish, because of what we are doing now the Hausa Youth they have woken up, they have now seen what we saw many years ago if you see all the atrocities been committed by Fulani terrorist claiming they are herdsmen, they will say oh is Hausa/Fulani, do you see why I say is not Hausa people is only Fulani that is causing this mayhem.

Hausa block the road against Fulani because they are feed up, but you still have people in Abuja who are supposedly Biafrans talking rubbish about one Nigeria when others are running away you want to go and put your head in it as usual, as Azikiwe did look at where we are today your mother can no longer go to the farm, and you are not ashamed of yourself.

This is the era of Ohanaeze ndi atụrụ na ndi oshi, this is the era of 419 politicians, this is the era where Fulani caliphate can come out with the full force to come to take over everywhere in the zoo and is happening before your eyes even Hausa are being killed, now tell me why everybody should not raise up and say to hell with this Fulani? Who are the ones causing this problem they are Fulanis. Every other ethnic group is a peaceful group i am honest with you.

Everybody is peaceful, Oduduwa is peaceful, BIAFRA is peaceful, Hausa they are peaceful people, ask yourself who the people are causing these killings? This mayhem? Are Fulani, and they are the ones that need only two marks to go to school others will have score 140, do you now understand the mess you are in? That is what gets us angry, and we are trying to make you understand, we speak English you did not understand, we speak IGBO you did not understand, we speak Efic you did not understand how do you want us to explain this to you, so you understand that your life is in a mess? And it is your responsibility to do something about it.

When somebody said, I am a Nigerian avoid that person for your own good, if somebody said oh we believe in one Nigeria avoid that person for your own good.

I want all of you to go and tell your pastors, your Rev. Fathers whoever, your Imam and tell them next week Sunday is an assignment they must speak out, they must speak out to condemn what is happening, they must speak out and tell the truth that there is nobody in Aso Rock once they do it things will be better for everybody, if they fail to do it don't give them any offering, no tithe no offering they must speak the truth, they have the microphone they must speak the truth.

I pray seven times a day and every day I tell God almighty in Heaven Chukwu Okike Abiama I want my own BIAFRA this year I don't want it next year, I don't want 2021 no this year, and this is a time for us to work very hard. Do exactly as I tell you, and you will see what will happen, we must move to Twitter you can see what Facebook is doing, we must move to Twitter before they buy off Twitter as well. We must go to Twitter now because something must happen this year.

What I tell you is the truth, the truth you will not hear anywhere in the whole world, nobody will dare tell you this very truth. I went to America. I was in Capitol Hill, and I told them every Ambassador you sent to Nigeria is a multimillionaire because they see the truth, and they lie to the state department. I told them in America face to face your Ambassadors to Nigeria are corrupt, they were shocked, they looked at me and said what is this man talking about? I said yes, 100% every Ambassador from America going to Nigeria is a millionaire over the night, and they remain silent.

Remember the man called Magu? What is happening now is nothing they are still holding Olisa Metuh, and I told them the more you hold Olisa Metuh, the more mess you will be in, now the USA has an open investigation into Funtua and rest of them. And now Magu is in trouble as well, and I remembered telling you to live on air that Magu of EFCC is a thieve, I said my justification for calling for the release of Orji Uzor Kalu and Olisa Metuh is because of those that claim they are persecuting they are thieves themselves I told you to live on the air here, and now what has happened? Malami is now writing to the presidency because nobody is there let them go and remove Magu nah. Malami has recommended to whoever they are calling Buhari to sack Magu of EFCC What did Magu do? He was diverting funds which means looting the loot and also insubordination, EFCC Magu a Fulani man is a thieve, is a criminal, is a robber, but he put Olisa Metuh in jail, put Orji Uzor Kalu in jail, thankfully Orji Uzor Kalu is out, and Olisa Metuh must be out.

This is the beginning by the time we are done with the Fulani caliphate and Emirate all of you will go to the US again all your account there will be frozen, I told you that executive order Donald Trump signed you don't know what it means because of course, you don't read.

They said you would be like Southern Sudan I said yes ooO might BIAFRA be like Southern Sudan because today Southern Sudan is the fastest-growing economies in the whole of Africa, the fastest growing economy in Africa is Southern Sudan because they are free from the Janjaweed of the North.

Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama has broken the zoo what else do you want God to do for you? Is it God to come and do a miracle and building will come out, and BIAFRA independence will be there? I have given you an example with the fall the wall of Jericho, just walk around the wall seven times that's all.

You are not going to walk around Aso Rock seven times ooO with your two feet, go to Twitter we need millions of people on Twitter, and then you will see how we are going to collapse the zoo, just overnight because there is nobody there, there is no Buhari, there is no Osinbanjo, there is no Buratai there is nobody there you do as you like.

The people holding Nigeria are Yoruba Muslims who are intimidating the Yoruba Christians to aline with their fellow brotherhood in the North.

People are now beginning to realize that Aso Rock is empty, your daddy G.O they know about this they will never ever utter any word because believe it or not some of this pastors they depend on corruption in the false federation of Nigeria to continue living large, buying aircraft. Let me tell you one thing you don't know if Oduduwa were to become free today every mega Yoruba church would collapse do you know why? People will focus all their strength on developing the land for everybody. And once people realize that prayer and fasting alone can not give you a job, prayer and fasting can not give you a house, prayer and fasting can never ever in your life give you a good road they will abandon them, so for all these corrupt pastors to remain relevant, they need corruption in Nigeria, and they need the broken system of Nigeria to remain in place simple logic. If BIAFRA or Oduduwa were to be free today who will have time to go to church? We will work  24 hours every day. And only then will you realize that the knowledge of God is a personal encounter, not something that somebody will tell you about, is personal.

Why is it that all over the world where people are suffering is always black people why? And then it came back to what I use to say all the time the way we reason is a fraud that is number one, and number two, Africa is nothing good to write home about black Africa is a disgrace, and as long as black Africa is a disgrace black people will continue to be disgraced all over the whole world, and Africa will remain in darkness until the light that is BIAFRA is switched on, until BIAFRA I switched on by the virtual of independence, Africa will continue to dowel in darkness and every black person anywhere in the world is a fair game people can do to them whatever they like.

The day we started selling people through the coastal region of Biafraland, through Ijaw land we started selling them that was the day that God said bye-bye to Africa that you people are evil, you are the only people in the history of humanity to commercialize the selling of your own people in the history of the whole world, you go against the word of God and you want God to love you and? I think some people are insane, that means you don't know the God you claim you worship.

Religion can not give us anything in life; it can only give us the grace of God; it can not give you anything; religion can not give you anything absolutely anything, only grace of God.

Listen very carefully please, the church of England and bank of England apologized for historic slavery links, Anglican Church is saying today that the fact that they dabbled into slavery is a cause of shame, Anglican Church ooO where some of us were baptized in, as soon as they stopped buying slaves to sell and to make money, they told us Jesus is Lord 😂😂 hey ndi ISI ojii black people may the God Lord have mercy on us.

If you want to debate me I said it debate me, don't hide behind your foolishness and ignorance to talk crap, debate me so that I can swallow you alive with facts and figures am ashamed honestly speaking.

When I tell you that the problem we have is in our brain now you can understand it, so all these years we don't even read the Bible very well that is what it means, Is only now that the Anglican Church is now saying please forgive us and I expect Roman Catholic Church to do the same, It was a Pope who announced slavery, a Pope of Catholic Church who announced it, it's the true historical fact that is what I preach, take your useless statement to the grave I don't give a dime I preach the truth here Eziokwu Chineke nna. The gospel is too hot; they can not handle it.

BIAFRA will be run on facts and figures for your information.

We are the ones fighting for Christianity, and I am the one fighting for Christianity,  our ancestors were never afraid of any subject never, everything must be discussed in the open, am I asking you not to believe in the nonsense that you believe in? Did I stop anybody from believing whatever you believe in? I am an IGBO man, an IGBO Biafran and I grew up in the village, not all these people who are brought up in the township that Know-nothing, I grew up in in the village, onye na chi ya (between you and your God) that is our belief.

When I bring palliative, you want me to share it to you, how many of your pastors shared palliative? I spent 50million how many of your pastors shared palliative am asking you?

As IPOB is suffering spending over 100,000 USD every month fighting the Satan that is due, fighting for the lives of Christians, I have posted the letters that I have I wrote to Trump many times and to Pompeo, go to my Twitter handle you will see Christianity, I fight for Christians every blessed day, you that is a Christian are you on Twitter? How many times have you Twitted any world power to say  Christians are dying? Are you on Twitter am asking you? A whole  Christian association of Nigeria is not on Twitter am the one twitting for them, and people are dying. They can not do anything about it.

Most of the priest that helped Biafrans till tomorrow they are all Catholics, mostly from Ireland I like them, I respect them, but it doesn't mean if I see anything wrong I won't say it, please. What I have done for Christians in Nigeria all the Bishops put together have not done half of it, and can never do not in a billion years. Over a 100,000 USD every month and instead of some of you to be grateful you are busy talking rubbish ad if you are insane. Who is fighting for Christians if not IPOB on a consistent basis, because you people are black people you fight for one week and you give up?

When the zoo presidency said  IPOB is carrying this Christian matter on their head and lobbying Government of the world some of you did not see it, you didn't see it did you? We are spending our hard earn money to make your life better to keep you safe in the zoo, and you are not grateful, something that your daddy G.O never has before and can never do.

Do you see ordinary Togo? I want to use Togo as an example, Togo is a very fine example, do you know that Togo was ones a German colony? Germany uses to own Togo, they use to speak German, and in 1945 after the war, they use Togo to compensate France. In 1945 they were handed over like prostitute to France, and am telling you if the world decides tomorrow to hand them over to Sweden they will be Swedish only in Africa, are we ok at all?

Fini Kayode said that Yoruba doesn't exist an insultive word like Nyamiri and do you know the funniest thing? It is the truth. They called Yoruba's Yariba (untrustworthy people), and Yoruba's accepted it. Yoruba has no meaning is Oduduwa, from today we will refer to them as Oduduwa people, not Yoruba anymore please, because Yoruba doesn't exist, it was a very terrible name giving to them by Fulani people please their name is Oduduwa, they are sons and daughters of Oduduwa they are not Yariba (Yoruba) Yariba is a derogatory name please so Fani Kayode was right.

The Janjaweed are preparing to fight us; they are preparing to go to war, our daughters are being cut into pieces and put everywhere, as usual as we expect them to be Biafrans in America are sleeping, next 2,000 years when they have no home, they will start looking for somebody to apologise to them. Now they have a chance to make headway they are not taken their opportunity we must warn them, the defence of Biafraland will be done under one command, not two, not three all this stupid the idiots and criminals advocating for separate village vigilante that is how foolish they are, they saw Oduduwa have Amotekun under one command, the Fulani under one command Miyetti Allah, they claim they went to school, they Claim they are educated.

We are under one simple command which I lead, one command the whole world over. Now is under one command that is how you defeat the enemies.

We have come very close to the end of our proceedings today, and for those of you petitioning me and saying I should be nice to black people from Wednesday I will be, and let me see if you have changed sufficiently if you have not changed I will turn to this type of BroadcastBroadcast if you don't know, but on Wednesday I will give you a chance, I will praise you, and I will expect you to do that worthy of somebody who is under praise so to speak.

Wherever you are, whatever you are worshipping is entirely up to you, BIAFRA will be a secular state, but the whole things will be anchored on the Ten Commandments of God most high, BIAFRA is a Godly nation, is a kingdom of God in the face of this very planet earth we can not deny that. And the Ten Commandments will guide us always I always said without fail, and you will see what God is going to do this every year because of it, how do you think we manage to raise money to do all the things that we do? You know that IGBO man can not give you the money you know that very well, is not possible that is the way they are, go to America and do fundraising you will see what they will do to you.

I thank all of you for listening, and nobody loves you more than we do have been honest with you, maybe it is about time we tell all the daddy G.O  to start paying us at least some of the money we have been spending championing and campaigning for Christian rights all over the world very very important they do that.

I thank you all very much for listening to us this very evening, and as always BIAFRA is our religion when they ask you what your religion is? You tell them BIAFRA. BIAFRA is our religion here on Radio BIAFRA is where we worship, and we worship the only one true living God, the God of Eri, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the same God that David worshipped, the same God that Jesus Christ worshipped and might I also add the same God that even prophet Muhammad called Allah indivisible one God and under whose command and grace we do all that we do.

Let me repeat BIAFRA is our religion here on Radio Biafra is where we worship because Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile Adonai, El Shaddai, Elohim is our God, from me from here it's good evening.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 
For Umuchiukwu Writers



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