|published, December. 18.2019|11:45

Weary Heart of a Lover

By Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

Sunk into the dark abyss of loneliness,
Feeling dejected and played,
As heart bled,
As mind in thoughts deeply buried,
And grieving over a future
I still queried
That would never come,
The past, which had left me
In a bitter state,
Truly, truly, life sucks
When time left thee in such a waste!

I still recall when roses
Fell like morning dew
In our smiling moon
Yes, the beginning was magic
Each day means a million day
I called it true feelings,
Of two lovers heart
Still young and revealing,
As bright as sky of the day,
A path I never knew
I am not going to kiss,
Because it was all but a living lie,
Into which I had for long never believed it will be
But convinced by the sensuous lying lips,
That gentle heartless heart,
That never had any remorse
That willfully betrayed my trust,
That which made me, believe her fairy tales,
And her untrue promises,
Her enduring difficulties
For a love that never existed.

As my eyes overflows
With the rivers of tears,
My heart weary for love that will stand a chance
Hopefully, shall I someday
Be delivered from this sad state
And cured of this emotional sickness
Endured from loving a betrayed heart
When finally l meet thee,
That knows the true speech
Of my soul
The timing of my heart beat
Then l will love again.



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