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The Fake Display of Innocence among the Nigerian Leaders in Juxtaposition with King Oedipus' Moral Conscience

Written by: Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

For IPOB Writers

You ever came across this book titled : "Oedipus the King" by Sophocles? You may want to read it. A very interesting story!

Oedipus in this play is the major character who could not out-run his own fate. Destiny is a bitch, isn't it?! He had struggled to control and alter his future, but in the end failed woefully!

When Oedipus was born, a soothsayer had  fortold that he (an ill-fated child) would kill his father to marry his own mother. So his own people decided to cast him away and have him slain at infancy.

However, the king's servant who was sent on this mission didn't have the nerves to do it, so he dropped him in the bush and left.

As fate may have it, Young Oedipus was picked by a man who took him away and raised him up into a vibrant, strong young man.

Later on, Oedipus became a king in his own  father-land after slaying his own father in a physical combat over a land dispute.

When Oedipus realized that he had killed his father unknowingly, unknowingly killed his father and was sleeping with his mother, and that because of his crimes plagues were ravaging his city because what he had done, he then plucked his own eyes out and left. He did not feel innocent. In fact, he had felt that he had to punish himself.

But our leaders today,
they always feel innocent. Yet, they are involved in all manner of corrupt practices such as fraud, syphoning of public funds into their personal accounts, killings, looting, money laundering,  et cetera.

 And when these atrocities of their political reign finally became known, they would shamelessly still deny them before all and sundry, and you would hear them cry,

"Ah, we didn't know!
We truly didn't know!
We weren't aware what was going on! Our conscience is clear!"

But the difference is, the single most important difference between those Nigerian political leaders and good King Oedipus is that they will still remain in power. All am saying is that morality has changed since Oedipus.

Permit me to further more reiterate here that the difference between Old King Oedipus and the Modern day Nigerian Political Leaders is that King Oedipus had morality in him while the Nigerian Leaders lack moral conscience and that does not portray a good leadership. That is why our society today is in one big almighty mess!

The only panacea to this problem is a total call for the disintegration of Nigeria. This is because the country was laid on the foundation of lies and deceit. It did not emerge through an organic process like every other nations of the world did. It was brought into existence by a certain white man named Sir Fredrick Lugard who came to Africa back in the 19th centuries only for the purpose of trade. Lugard's major interest for coming to Africa was truly not to govern the land but to exploit it.

When Nigeria was formed in 1914, different people that had different ideology and political background were brought together as one. It was this forceful amagamation that gave birth to all manner of evil practices in the land, where you have tribal wars, ethnic bigotry, disagreements, killings, corruption, abuse of power et cetera.

If Nigeria is separated today and these different people (The Igbos, the Hausas and the Yorubas) are allowed to go their separate ways to manage their own affairs by themselves, there shall be one voice and perhaps "Morality" and good "Governance" shall then return back to the land just like in the story of King Oedipus who punished himself and left so that peace be still in his kingdom.

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