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Standing on the Lonely Pathway to Freedom

Written By Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

On that faithful morning,
When so blue, the skies,
And when so gentle the breeze,
And nature still remained a beauty,
Alone stood I on that narrow pathway,
Yearning and yearning for a better day.

Those blissful days
That morons and fiends
At the political wings
Have had I in many ways denied,
Making life a living hell!
This evil that has befallen my race,
This plot by enemies to subject us to disgrace,
That l implore heavens to send down its grace!
Alone stood I on this lonely pathway,
The narrow pathway to freedom,
Deeply buried in sorrow,
Pleading and pleading for a better tomorrow.

When shall these sufferings be over?
When shall we stop to fight one another,
And focus on the bigger picture
To have a better future?
Whence I ask, shall we be free
From this captivity of negativity
That we 're so deeply trapped?
Again I ask, when shall my peace be restored to me?
Yet battered minds trapped in the same prison as I
Still too blind to see far down this road,
This tiny pathway to our freedom,
As they berate me and jubilate over my plight,
As they make mockery of my fight
To liberate them.
Yes! Those sheep less
Those frenemies,
Those lions in sheep clothing,
Still too blind to see
Clearly down this lonely narrow pathway to freedom,
A freedom that must prevail,
That even in their shortcomings
They still call it good living
And rejoice over their horrible state.
What a human waste!

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