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A Tale of Ugly Circle

By Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

It’s a circle
That failed its inhabitants,
Just like a womb
So innocent of
The heart of a foetus
Forming gradually
But transformed so mean,
Like an old witch
And a monster,
Very ugly in action.
Oh thy figure,
Now feeds on human blood,
With dagger and machete
To conquer our world
And stole our pride,
The pride of Africa,
Thou really unleashed
Stories and events
But very sad tale to tell.

Behold an abomination
In form of a nation
Whose being
Romance untold hardship,
And sufferings that hugs,
Many lives apart torn,
In whose being
Humanity witnessed an anomaly,
An anomaly in whose true nature
Great evil abounds.

s thou in evil nurtured 'n groomed
In pretence, in regrettable pretence
Many for thy sakes doomed!
Many terrified and too horrified
To raise a finger
But in silence they still cry 'n whimper
While thy evil on and on still linger,
Yet clergymen speak not
Judges swim in injustices,
Soldiers on poor civilians continued to shoot,
Yet leaders keep mute,
Over this menace upon humanity,
So as to continue to loot,
The nation's treasury,
Neglecting the people's worries
Overlooking the circle' miseries,
Today masses and pity hugs
The sad tale of a failed nation!

Ugly circle! Ugly circle!
You are really a failed nation!
Everyday bullets
And blood rain,
Why did you even exist?
Thy sufferings upon thy race
Has made many to accept disgrace
And mockery they willingly embrace
Like a true norm,
And like a normal decorum.
Still, only the braves,
Only IPOB,
Have steered through these waves,
Have mustered the courage
To speak 'bout this bondage
And publicly declare thee,
Ugly circle.

Edited & Published by IPOB WRITERS PRESS
Contact: ipobwriters@ipob.org
Twitter: @ipob_writers


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