Biafra Remembrance Day: A Day Set-Aside by the Nigerian Government to Massacre more Biafrans

   Published on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 @ 02:45 GMT by BIAFRA TODAY

Written By
Comr. Felix C Onyemachi
For IPOB Writer’s Press

The Biafra Remembrance Day is a very remarkable day for the nation to remember and honour those who have sacrificed themselves to secure and protect our freedom. Remembering our Biafra heroes/heroines ensures that no-one is forgotten as the nation unites to honour all who suffered or died in the war. Biafra Remembrance Day is an annual event that falls on the 30th of May.

This Remembrance Day is not observed only by Biafrans. Many nations around the world observe some kind of Armed Forces Day to honour their military forces. Jews all over the world still celebrate Yom Ha'Shoah to remember and honour the victims of Holocaust. In Canada, Canadian Armed Forces Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in June.

During France’s national day, France honours her armed Forces during the military parade of 14 July. In Nigeria, Armed Forces Day, also known as Remembrance Day, is celebrated on 15th January in commemoration of the surrender of Biafran troops to the Federal troops on 15th January, 1970, thus concluding the Nigerian Civil war that sought to tear apart the unity of Nigeria.

The Biafra Remembrance Day is being mobilised and celebrated by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) on every 30th May, annually. It is a day to honour the dead and for stock-taking by the people whose fates have been ironed together by the happy and sad experiences that have become a collective memory called Biafra.

In contrast to what Biafrans believe that Remembrance Day mean to them, the Nigerian governments have taken it upon themselves to humiliate and massacre any Biafran found participating in this Biafra Remembrance Day, especially those living in South-east and South-south in Biafra- land. By far, the largest numbers of pro-Biafra activists were killed on Biafra Remembrance Day on 30th of May, 2016 when an estimated 1,000 IPOB members and supporters gathered for rally in Onitsha, Anambra State. The night before the rally, the Nigeria security forces raided homes and a church where IPOB members were sleeping.

There is no justification for attacking or shooting at unarmed protesters or people who are honouring their fallen comrades. The Nigeria-Biafra war was an event that happened, the history, memories and the ways that war impacted the Biafrans can't be erased. Many wars have been fought all over the world and people who were heavily affected by those wars have days when they remember their fallen brothers, it's not a big deal but the Nigerian government is making it to look like one.

If the Nigerian government can set aside a day to honour and remember their fallen heroes, why can't Biafrans celebrate the Biafra memorial day in peace to honour those they lost during the Nigerian-Biafran war?

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