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30th May: Tribute To Our Fallen Soldiers

Written by Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

As I sat under this tree's shade,
That nature has beautifully made
On this nightly hours of May,
Whence the gentle breeze at its very best,
Doing it's calling like birds weave their nest,
Nature truly is a thing of beauty!

Deeply buried in that realm,
Of hollowness,
And of nothingness,
Completely emasculated from humanity,
Absolutely overshadowed by disgust and fury,
As no hope remaining,
As no one by me strongly standing,
Then suddenly,
A thought jugged me back to reality,
Telling me to rise, to clearly see.

Then, I had felt their unseen presence,
That feelings you 've when in His presence.
Then I remembered
That it's another month of May,
Our heroes remembrance day!

I remembered their sacrifices unto us,
The good thing made worse,
That frenemies and foes struggle to erase
From this earthly face.
I remembered our fallen Soldiers.
May God rest their souls!

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