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          The Search for True Love

By Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

When emotional
Always I to my writing take
Where portray I on paper
My feelings at stake;
Where my thoughts to the world revealed,
Of promises unfulfilled,
The promises in many colors,
Mostly of love,
That I feel should come from above
Through you
Yes, through you!
Yes, you!
And I mean you! 👉

How bad it hurts
Having realized a'las
On this blissful morning,
This lovely Sunday morning,
That the regard of me
You have not,
That what I thought we share
To thee is one big joke,
My heart so broke,
That the dreams after all
May not come to reality.

How bad it hurts,
Having realized
That you aren't there for me,
That you don't even pray for me,
That you are not even proud of me,
That you can't even sing for me,
That you can't even stand by me,
That you can't even dance for me,
Because to thee,
The whole thing,
Is nothing but a one big Joke!

But still shall I never give up
Even to the mountain top,
Even till Biafra comes,
Shall I always climb to seek thee,
This love of many colors
That I believe
come from above,
So hidden to our physical eyes,
But can be felt
When truly found.
This Heavenly love of many colors,
The very free gift of nature,
If found shall I try
And very much nurture,
To avoid from me its departure.

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