IPOB condemn claims by Dave Umahi over alleged kidnap statement, vows to bring saboteurs to an end

  Published Monday, January 07, 2019 | 17:47 CET
South East Governors during a forum gathering

IPOB Press Release | January 07, 2019 | 18:00 GMT

The leadership and family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) condemn in its entirety, the frivolous, unsubstantiated and perverse statement from David Umahi of Ebonyi State against a movement like IPOB. It appears anytime a quisling wants to renew his slave status with his northern masters he or she singles out IPOB for verbal assault. We consider the statement credited Umahi as symptomatic of the shameful and complicit role these Igbo governors have continued to play in the death of unarmed Biafrans.

Their stock in trade is treachery and betrayal but unfortunately for them we IPOB will match them every step of the way until their conniving treacherous scheme is brought to an end.

Isn’t it sad Dave Umahi and his fellow quislings never foresaw Fulani herdsmen invasion of our land but are quick to invite the army to occupy our and kill us Biafrans as usual. Why have till date never called for the army to attack a violent Fulani group attacking every community in Biafraland but they are always in the habit of wanting the death of we IPOB. Dave Umahi and his cohorts should pray very hard that no Biafran life is lost during this their latest phase of Operation Python Dance of Shame 3 against innocent  Biafrans.

Fulani slaves parading themselves as Igbo governors have perfected plan to use soldiers deployed to the southeast to abduct, arrest and preferably kill top IPOB leaders in Biafraland or anybody suspected to be IPOB member because of IPOB's resolve to boycott next month’s presidential elections.

People must ask Umahi and co including Abuja politicians how many governors and politicians in other regions of Nigeria hosted this invading army with glee the way Dave Umahi and co did a few days ago in Abakaliki? Was it not announced that this latest round of Operation Python Dance was nationwide. How come it’s only Igbo governors that is welcoming them with open arms? This question must be asked by every intelligent person. If nothing is done to checkmate the rabid treachery of Igbo governors, we shall continue to suffer the consequences for the next 70 years.

Boko Haram is ravaging the north where this same brave army has been humiliated countless times but Igbo governors slavishly invited them into our land to fight IPOB instead. Years of betrayal and the sacrilegious act committed by Igbo governors and Ohaneze against their people through Operation Python Dance is what will kill them not IPOB. Their Fulani masters cannot save them. This crop of Igbo governors will be recorded in history as the worst of the very worst.


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