Jubril Saga: Queen Elizabeth should see doctor who made Buhari amazingly young - Dr. Ossai

     Published Tuesday, December 11, 2018 | 10:25 GMT
Jubril Al Sudani Impostoer from Sudan posing as Buhari

How government can kill the ‘Jubril Al-Sudani’ story

By Dr Ossai Ekinne

Up until this moment, questions are still being asked about the real identity of the man in Aso rock. I begin to wonder most times what our leaders think of the people they lead. I guess we are being mistaken for fools or perhaps babies who are still being spoon- fed by some old lactating mothers.
I can’t imagine how most of us, the led have forgotten so soon how our dear President frequented London for treatment and if I could recall vividly, he did so intermittently but suddenly he became strong, so strong that he never visited any other hospital for more than 15 months by my own calendar. I don’t know about anyone else’s. What a miracle!
I think that whichever Doctor provided  our dear  President with this everlasting treatment both for the cure of his hearing impairment and all other health issues should be brought down here to  train our Nigerian Doctors. Frankly, we need his intervention here. Just my opinion!!
You know, I could scarcely help but imagine how effective this eternal cure was, that it did not only stop him from visiting the hospital for regular check-up but also rejuvenated him. It reduced his then amazing height, gave him a youthful look, a different intonation and as if that weren’t enough, denied him access to his mother -tongue. What a strange transformation in a goddamned strange world?
Those who like the Honourable Minister for Labour Dr Chris Ngige, said the frail old Buhari was rejuvenated, should bear in mind the fact this miraculous surgery took place in the UK and London Bridge Hospital to be precise which is about 3 kilometers from Buckingham Palace the residence of Her Imperial Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth II who as old lady, would benefit immensely from the same cure Buhari received. How come such a wonder treatment hasn’t been made available to her?
Again London Bridge Hospital is located within easy reach of George Soros, one of the world’s great financiers and richest men. Why is it that George Soros who is still looking old with a shriveled sagging facial skin hasn’t availed himself of this miracle cure. In fact, apart from President Muhammadu Buhari, there is no record of any other person to have received this wonderful rejuvenating treatment from London Bridge Hospital. Those jumping to the defense of this yet unexplained  youthful Buhari should look for better explanation because people are not stupid anymore. 
Dr Ngige may have accounted, in his own understanding, why Buhari has gone from a frail old sickly man to a sprightly 50 year old but can he also tell us why Buhari is suddenly visibly shorter than he was before his brain surgery.
Why is it that nobody, including Dr Ngige, wants to address the issue of Buhari’s ever changing finger and palm prints? Does it mean London Bridge Hospital can change human finger prints too as part of their treatment? The current younger  Buhari, from all available records, has a set of different finger and palm prints from the older version of Buhari. This anomaly has not been explained.
Rather than wasting time hiring third rate columnists to defend what is clearly indefensible, they should address these obvious anomalies in the two versions of Buhari we have been presented with.
Ignoring these critical questions while  calling the likes of Nnamdi Kanu names smacks of desperation on the part of the government. Where there is doubt, what the government owes the electorate as an obligation, is to clear any doubt in a timely, sensible and reasonable manner. The questions the government should answer include :
* Why is it that President Buhari can no longer speak his mother tongue Fufulde which he spoke very fluently before his illness?
* What is responsible for the disappearance of President Buhari’s receding hairline because the new president is not bald like we know he was before his illness?
* What is responsible for the sudden  change in the finger/palm of Mr President from what it used to be?
* Why is President Buhari now shorter than he was before his treatment? The President we knew was taller than the Senate President Bukola Saraki but now Saraki is taller than he. What did the doctors say could account for this?
Until answers are provided to these critical questions, any attempt to seek to discredit these rumours is bound to fuel even more ridiculous speculations. With barely 3 months to go before general elections, the country should not needlessly be subjected to a period of political uncertainty. People may find it hard to participate in elections where they feel they don’t know or can vouch for the nationality of the person whose name is on the ballot paper.
(Written by Dr Ossai Ekinne )


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