IPOB Press Release November 16, 2018, | 14:26 CET

Unmasking Jubril: Nnamdi Kanu set to finish Nigeria, plans to expose the transformation of Jubril the impostor in Aso Rock

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The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will on Saturday 17th November 2018 continue his expository worldwide broadcast on Radio Biafra to unmask the impostor in Aso Rock Jubril Aminu Al Sudani, who is presently impersonating the late Muhammadu Buhari the former president of Nigeria who died in London and buried in Saudi Arabia since 2017.

The address from the studios of Radio Biafra in Israel is billed to continue exposing the hidden secrets surrounding the non-appearance of ‘Buhari’ at the just concluded Armistice Day commemoration in Paris and the attempted cover-up by his handlers in Aso Rock. Our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu via his Twitter handle @MaziNnamdiKanu highlighted that the program will start by 6 pm Biafra time. It is an open program designed to enlighten the world on what is at the heart of the decay in Nigeria and why the country cannot be salvaged given that an impostor is masquerading as Buhari.

He will also address the issue of premature endorsement of Atiku Abubakar by a few Igbo men that gathered in Enugu yesterday without any written, signed and sealed guarantee contrary to what was agreed by all. This practice of endorsement of presidential candidates without any concrete binding agreement has been going on for 40 years with absolutely nothing to show for it. Politics, as usual, has come to an end in as much as IPOB is concerned.

Those that once screamed, “no restructure no election” to endear themselves to IPOB have it seems been bought over with cash and promise of political appointments for their children that made them to suddenly start singing a different tune. Such inconsistencies, lack of morally upright stance on critical issues impacting on our survival as a race, have over the years led to the enslavement of our people for the enrichment of a few men and their families. This disgraceful outcome will no longer be tolerated by this generation. They are incompatible with the stated values, mission and goals of IPOB.

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The program will commence at 6 pm Biafraland time on 102.1 FM, on satellite, Radio Biafra App, Simple Radio, TuneIn, online and Radio Biafra Facebook page.

Therefore, we enjoin Biafrans, lovers of freedom both home and abroad, including friends of Biafra to make this a date with our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as more shocking evidence, facts and figures will be released to the world. We will leave no stone unturned in the effort to liberate our people from the British engineered bondage and hell called Nigeria.

We wish to state unequivocally that it doesn’t matter who are, how old or young, once you mess with IPOB’s sacred oath to restore Biafra, you will no longer be part of us. Freedom is what we need now not another meaningless political alliance that will always end up plunging us into more misery as all previous Igbo ‘leaders’ endorsements have done.


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