The ABC of the evil genius, Aba Kiyari, Femi Adesina and others

| Published Wednesday, November 21, 2018 | 12:33 PM GMT

There is no smoke without fire. it is now understandable why the cabals in Aso Rock employed the demon, Femi Adesina as the special adviser on media and publicity to president Jubril Buhari.     

This evil man wrote for Vanguard newspapers and National concord news before joining the staff of the Sun newspapers, where he rose to Editor-in-chief. He also served a two-year term as president of the Nigerian Guild of Editors. This is a revelation of the reason the Yoruba gutter media of Nigeria is horrendous. Femi Adesina bred his likes in the media and this is why Nigerian journalists are fraudulent and without credibility.             

The evil advocate continues his lies and deceit in his new office. On 3rd of Nov. 2018, he announced that President Buhari has received attestation certificate and confirmation of school certificate result from the west African examination council(WAEC). This is not just criminality but also an act of falsifying the truth. It is obvious that WAEC is on the neck of Nigeria WAEC body as they took a legal action against the WAEC result forgery masterminded by Femi Adesina. He lied again on 9th of Nov. 2018, that president Buhari never mentioned any figure after receiving the Annual people minimum wage. The thirty thousand minimum wage that was declared by Jubril as a means of a campaign for 2019 presidential election caused commotion across Nigeria. As usual, the presidency tried to deny the statement via the specialist in lying and deceit, Femi Adesina.          There are several unpatriotic statements on the genocide committed against various indigenous people in Nigeria. He never condemned the incessant killing of people in that damnable entity called Nigeria.

The same liar declared a few weeks ago that Nnamdi Kanu was killed in Umuahia during the military invasion of his home when Nnamdi Kanu was seen in Israel. Nnamdi Kanu traveled to Saudi Arabia and has lectured in the University of Tel Aviv. He has made many live broadcasts from the holy land of Israel since his re-appearance. Currently, he is trying to remove the plank on the eyes of Nigerians who have been hoaxed to believe that the impostor in Aso Rock is Buhari when the evidence is overwhelming.                 
Femi Adesina is the kind of elites you see in Nigeria. They are all political harlots seeking for self-aggrandizement.   

Femi Adesina and the cabals in Aso rock should be in prison by now had it been that Nigeria is a civilized society.                             

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