Poetic Justice: I see him humbled.
unmask the mask
4th November 2018 | 09:50am

I see him humbled

He that exalted himself above the law; I see him humiliated He that trampled on the just I see him fall from the roofs On a stony ground And the earth pitied him not; The stones' readiness to break him And the earth's swiftness in opening its mouth Appeased the innocent bloodshed And the rights he abused If his brother were to survive a similar ordeal Because some good blood ran in his vein, He the abuser could not have survived Because of the cries of the slain Reverberated even in a strange land When that strange ailment Chased him out to a far country Where the best hands were on deck. How could he survive the brain damage, When the brain damaged The supremacy of the law? How would he not be trapped in the earth, While he trampled On the rights of the innocent? For the spirit of the law was crying: How long shall I stay abused, Without a deserving vengeance? Until the cells in the brain accepted to cooperate Abusing each other Just as their host abused the law Leading to a brain surgery That landed him back to the dust. His beneficiaries Not willing to stop their mechanism Nor ready to quit their merchandise Quickly opted for impersonation Forging a foreigner To retain his throne But the host When not yet returned to dust Was full of forgery; Before ascending to the throne Was full of deceit: Even the birds Were singing the angry songs of rejection Pitching that the aspirant king Was not fit to command their songs; He's got no license To contest for The highest seat among us Because of his feathers Are too weak to flap that height; Not only that, When he first forced himself on the throne, We cried But rejoiced When he was out. The songs reverberated in the animal kingdom But failed to catch the targeted dance The animals became trapped again And about to be trapped Now by an impersonator Who happens to be alien To the animal kingdom But here comes justice As this forgery has gone beyond borders Where continental reputation is feared dented By some dust already consumed in the earth Now shall he be humiliated as a dust Now is he globally seen as fake Now shall his sins be exposed Now shall the continent expose his weak feathers Because he is out to ruin The larger kingdom Hence they must force the smaller kingdom To unmask the true person Of the dust and Expose his forgery for him to be humbled And completely decimated By Mazi Edozie
IPOB writers press.


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