Poetic Assurance: Oh Motherland, here we are!

4th November 2018 | 09:25am

Oh motherland, here we are Pledging with sincerity We have failed many times On our way to your holy land Still in the desert House of Beasts Oh motherland we are coming home Many of us were born here in a strange land Daily we are forced to keep its unity

In the absence of peace even when the war is done This is not our destined home Oh, land of Israel, we must restore your lost paradise Sweet motherland, a home for all Many wars have been fought But the truth they kept hidden from us Leaving all historical truth, Calling them past Just to make us forget you, oh sweet home But here we are To restore your lost paradise Do you know what they told us to make us forget you, mother? Many things unmentionable But they lied, their truth is a fallacy Oh sweet land of our forefathers You are that promised paradise here on earth Oh motherland, We vow to restore your sovereignty Having realized our mistakes and weaknesses Oh beautiful land of Biafra Resurrect and live forever. By Okoroafor Onyekachi
IPOB writers press.


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