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In the parade arena
Lies appeared
Like nightfall
Blinded eyes
Not to see the shape
Of designer’s mask
Worn to beat the drum
 For the dead

The ghost leader
Died and rose
With strange blood
Now very smarter
And intelligent
So healthy
And younger

Yes, the language
Of the mouth
Speak not
Of the fatherland
The ear, the hand
Differs from the known
Before the rodent
And the mask
The face, the head
Though constructed
But not exactly
Like the smiling face
And head in
The grave palace

What I saw
Did you see it?
What I said,
Have you heard of it?
What is happening?
Are you aware of it?
The thick nightfall

Now is time to
Play the music
That jazz before you
Blow it loudly to
Unveil the mask.
Offer your wrath
To those beasts
Men worst than the devil
Those born with  dark blood
Poisonous than snake

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I call them vultures
Men with no shame
The beasts in human form
Born to spell doom
On innocent lives
 Every night and day
 They sharpen sword
to devour
citizens for daily
Rituals and feeding

Rise up, rise up
All you oppressed
Say no to evil doers
To this nightfall
Going around
Like fruits of no season
Wearing fake smiles
And happy lies
To deceive the more

Partake not to
This national disgrace
The lost dignity
And shameful sellout
Of integrity for
Wealth and power
By the lips that speak
Not of the real facts
 Of true blood

Woe to you whose steps
Walk with nightfall
Woe to you whose face
Is roughly designed
Decorated with
Shame and disgrace

 Impostor, impostor
The throne shouted
 Ringing bell
To tell everyone
Not to join
The blind queue
For more slavery
By foreigners

Seek freedom now
If you really want to live,
Join the ship now
If you really want to land freely,
Raise voices now
If you really want
To outshine the nightfall,
Support Biafra now
If you really want
To restore dignity
In Africa,
Know that African dignity
Lies on
Biafra freedom.
Biafra, land of
The rising sun!
All hail Biafra!!

Written by: Onyebuchi Eucharia. O.
Edited & Published by IPOB Writers
Contact: ipobwriters@ipob.org
Follow us on Twitter: @ipob_writers


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