Cloned President: The unmasking of Jubril Amino Al-Sudani and the true end of British colonialism in Africa

      Published Thursday, November 22, 2018 | 12:32 GMT

Author: Chika Fidelis
For IPOB writers Press

I am now more educated than most people who present themselves as professors and Ph.D. holders in the contraption called Nigeria and this is courtesy of Nnamdi Kanu and Radio Biafra London and IPOB of course. I am certainly convinced that no matter how educated a Nigerian may claim to be, if he has not graduated from the University of Radio Biafra, then he is still uneducated.

I have come to know that the worst class of morons in this contraption remains the people that call themselves the elites, they are the worst set of stooges because they do not know anything, they do not want to know anything and worst still they have refused to know, that is why Mazi Nnamdi Kanu teaches them and they do not understand.

Sometime last year, around July 2017 Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu told the world that the person that is now in Aso Rock was not Muhammadu Buhari, the elected president of Nigeria, and nobody took him seriously except the members of IPOB and just a few months after he made this statement the cabal quickly passed a death sentence on him and immediately sought for his assassination which eventually led to the invasion of his residence on the 14th September 2017. But the truth remains that, one with God is a majority, so the most high preserved his own prophet from those murderous Invaders.

I am particularly worried because of the level of mental laziness of Nigerians and this is prevalent among the so-called elite class, I call them the educated illiterates because, despite their level of education, they cannot still identify the truth even when it is unveiled to them. This is quite unbelievable, I am beginning to believe that something is fundamentally wrong in the spiritual.


The leader of the Indigenous People BIAFRA, Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Ohamadike of Biafra land has come out again to prove the point he made in July last year that Buhari is dead and that the person now in Aso Rock is a man from Sudan called Jubril. I was not so much confused with his position on this issue because to me the immediate signs were enough for me to be convinced that he was saying the fact. My reasons are as follows:
(1) The president's illness has completely held a secret from Nigerians, nobody was told that the president was suffering from this or that, it was a complete secret.
(2) The president stayed for a very long time in the so-called London hospital and when eventually back, he came as a complete brand new person.
(3) The president could not stay or enter his office for over 2 months just because rodents were in his office but the truth here is that the fingerprint of the hired impostor could not open the security door so the handlers of the president needed some time to reprogram the door to accept the new man into the office.
(4) Not quite long they failed to kill Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the death of Habibu Almu, an immigration Officer attached to the Nigerian Embassy in Sudan was announced, he was killed in his apartment and nothing has been said about his death. This man was the one who recruited Jubril, he really knows everything about the evil conspiracy, so the handlers actually killed him just to case the joints.
(5) The impostor JUBRIL delivered the shortest speech in the Nigerian history on his return and never granted any press conference, he has maintained his distance from the public since then. These to me were enough to tell me that the Buhari that left for London never returned.


Apart from hundreds of pictorial evidence that show that the person in Aso Rock is fake, recent events speak much louder.
(1) The leader of the Indigenous People of BIAFRA, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu spoke openly from the Holy City of Jerusalem to affirm his statement that the person in Aso Rock is an impostor and the Israeli government went ahead to grant him both citizenship and also international protection status, should be able to get even the worst gullible convinced that he is saying the truth.
(2) The handlers of the impostor appeared to be highly troubled to the extent that they announced to Nigerians that Buhari would be attending the commemoration of the end of WWI that took place in France but could not rightly describe the event appropriately for the masses to know, they just said he was going for the global peace conference in France. The question here now is, did Buhari attend the WWI event, the answer is NO. And what was the reason? The reason is because Jubril could not face the security checks which included conforming to being on suit as the dress code and other identity checks that would grossly expose the impostor since the British government could not provide enough cover for the evil to sail through because both the American president and the Prime Minister of Israel were determined to expose him and also get him arrested if he had dared come to that event.

However, in the bid to still deceive Nigerians, the media assistant to the president, Mr Adesina, resorted to all manner of photoshopping scandals which has hugely exposed that contraption to a global object of mockery.
(3) The president has refused to respond to these flying issues by making himself available for a public debate which is one of the most effective ways of clearing this accusation, instead the handlers have decided to make him more inaccessible which means that he is being subjected to a further plastic surgery but the DNA Analysis will certainly bring to a final rest, this fraud.


It is quite obvious that the British government never granted Nigeria any Independence, what they did was simply to ask the gullible North to represent them while pretending to have granted us Independence. Britain has been in charge ever since after Independence and they have been ruling indirectly using the Fulanis as well as through dangerous trade policies which they manage using their companies like the Shell Petroleum Company. The British government has been feeding from the sufferings of the Biafran people through the activities of SPDC that is in the forefront of oil and gas exploration in Biafra land, Impoverishing the soil, polluting the waters and killing the fishes without adequately considering the well-being of the people.

The introduction of a foreign and hired impostor is the brain work of the British government. They sold the idea to the cabal as the most viable option to protect the power that is in the hands of the North. To the British, it is very important to do this evil to ensure that their interest is protected. That is the reason the British medical experts were engaged to carry out complicated plastic surgery on Jubril Amino Al -Sudani to make him look like Buhari, spending over $250 million of Nigerian taxpayers money to hire and refurbish the impostor that they brought into Aso Rock.

This is the way the British government has been ruling us with ease but the good thing now is that exposing of this truth has obviously brought the British to a complete state of defeat because the world has come to know the truth and can longer buy into British deceits, the first-hand proof of what I am saying is that the British government failed in their attempt to convince the world leaders to allow Jubril into the WWI event in France, it clearly shows that Britain is fast approaching the end of her reign and definitely would be completely pushed out of Biafra land and Africa in general once this evil conspiracy is finally exposed through the analysis of DNA of this impostor and that of Buhari.

The most disgusting aspect of this whole thing is that the whole professors and the so-called Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo and the rest of those that call themselves the elites have gone to sleep, none has yet got the courage to even call for public protest or at least call for the handlers of the president to present him for proper investigation to prove or disprove the accusation so far made against the president and that is the reason I have maintained that our elites remain the most uneducated and uninformed morons who of course do not need to be schooled because if you teach them they will not understand.

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