Media Blackmail against IPOB, A Desperate Attempt to Murder Truths in Journalism

   Published Wednesday, October 24, 2018 | 12:11 GMT
members of IPOB gather around Nnamdi Kanu's Home

Author: Comr. Felix C Onyemachi
For IPOB Writers Press

It is no longer news that one should not believe everything one reads on Sahara Reporters platform and other Nigerian media. Fake news comes in different forms that include distorted truth, outright lies, exaggerated facts and others. One of the challenges of online media is fake news otherwise known as “evil news”. Just because social media lacks regulation and control, anyone is free to post or spread any form of news on it.

As a result of fake news being circulated on social media by online media such as Sahara Reporters, most youths become influenced by what they read and see. The youths are more endangered by fake news because it will surely be noticed in their behaviour. It has become clearly visible that Sahara Reporters and other Nigeria Media have continued to assault the pillars of journalism which is based on “Truth and Fairness”.

I have observed with utmost dismay that Sahara Reporters, under the leadership of Sowore Omoyele, has taken interest in the dissemination of fake news against the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). If a media under the leadership of a presidential aspirant in Nigeria continues to disseminate fake news in Nigeria, it then means that when he finally becomes a president, Nigeria will be championing and distributing fake news to the whole world.

At different points in time, Sahara Reporters and other Nigeria media have collaborated to deceive the entire world by publishing fake news against the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).  The following fake news have been attributed to Sahara Reporters and other Nigeria media:-

-    IPOB Sacks Nnamdi Kanu As Leader For 'Valuing His Dog Above Murdered Members' | Sahara Reporters::
-    Biafra: IPOB sacks Nnamdi Kanu, gives reasons - Daily Post Nigeria : (
-    Confusion dey whether IPOB don sack Nnamdi Kanu - BBC Pidgin: (

With these magnitudes of lies being peddled by Sahara Reporters under the proprietorship of the Nigerian Presidential aspirant, Sowore, my question is, does Sowore Omoyele really deserve the presidential post he is currently vying for? There should be a kind of regulation on what should be seen in the so called media and people should be able to verify what they post. Unfortunately, guarding fake news has become increasingly difficult because social media has become forum for uncensored and unverified information.

In as much as our enemies continue to disseminate fake news against the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), the truth remains that there is nothing Nnamdi Kanu has done that is wrong. All the steps he has taken were calculative, guided by wisdom and knowledge. Nnamdi Kanu is a leader not only to those being described as “miscreants” and “illiterates”, but to the wise and gifted and all the good people of Biafra in Biafraland and Diaspora, people of worth, who have refused to be used, abused and dumped.

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