Fact Check: Why Kanu's Dog "Jack" is better than most Nigerians

         Published Wednesday, October 24, 2018 @ 11:45 CET

By Uchechi Collins
For IPOB Writers

The news from some gullible Nigerians and traffic-hungry low life bloggers accusing Nnamdi Kanu of valuing his dog more than his followers have been recently flooding the internet.
They prefer to twist his well-meaning words to Biafrans for their unhealthy memes of ill gains.

Usually, I wouldn't care less about this topic but the extent at which it has gone forced me to make this clear for everyone who cares to know.

Recap: Jack was a pet dog of Nnamdi Kanu living in the family compound and he was killed among 28 others the day the murderous Nigerian Military launched an attack on the life of Nnamdi Kanu on September 14, 2017, Jack was shot and killed by the Nigerian army on the day of the attack.

Below is a photo of Jack dead

Here are some facts to focus on, a reality check for Nigerians.

1. Jack is a well-trained dog with a good self-consciousness of its own mind able to know what's good and bad for him, He's able to move when necessary, bark when it needs to and possess the liberty to move anywhere it wishes to, Jack also has the ability to defend her territory, but Nigerians wander gullibly around without any basic life amenities as common as light and water hoping one day it will get better. Nigerians love suffering and smiling, even Jack as a dog if being seriously mistreated will react.

2. Jack is smart and defends its territory from intruders despite putting his life at risk as every normal animal should stand up against oppression and defend your house, family, future etc, Nigerians are dumb and lazy to see that they are in a shithole, they are too scared to stand up to their rights, rather they choose to live in severe poverty and allow themselves to be used by their so-called leaders who seriously keeping them in the dark for the continued manipulation.  Most Nigerian behavior is nothing to write home about, ever found yourself in a Nigerian Market, Road Traffic or a public park? You would find animals wilder than Jack

3. Jack receives lots of love and good treatment from Nnamdi Kanu and his family members and gives back love to the family, Nigerians are being treated worse than wild animals, ever seen a video of men of the Nigerian police force harassing a Nigerian?, or men of the SARS operatives manhandling a Nigerian for no reason? you know damn well what the scene looks like, there're hundreds of videos showing Nigerians being treated worse than animals by their own security officers. I bet you would agree Jack is chilling and living like a king.

4. Jack like all animals would do anything possible to feed its babies regardless of any famine or hunger situation, But it is no longer news that some Nigerians are selling off their children for bags of rice and other foodstuffs, remember the news of the Nigerian woman who sold her kid to buy a smartphone?  or the shocking news of a Nigerian who took home a bag of rice and left his kid as an exchange in the market.? That's right..Jack would never trade his puppies for a piece of bone.

5. Ever seen the living condition of most Nigerians?  It' a bloody eyesore, As you know Nigeria is now the poorest country in the world with the poorest living conditions as stated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and World Bank, Nigeria is home to every known disease due to lack of hygienic communities, ever been to the IDP camp in Northern Nigeria? or pay a visit to a public school or a local hospital and see the environmental conditions for yourself. I guess you will be thrilled and may freak out of shock, No doubt Jack lived way better, isn't that surprising to you?

6. It is no longer news how desperate Nigerians indulge in fetish and superstitious acts in a get rich quick scheme, in the process carrying out brutal killings and removing different body parts of their victims for money making rituals, As I write at this moment there's a Nigerian being butchered for money-making ritual, As a matter of fact, It is now a booming business in Nigeria, Almost every day you hear news of ritualists being arrested for butchering somebody, how that became a norm in the Nigerian society is something even Jack cannot comprehend.

7. It is no doubt that Jack as a dog have the ability to sense anything, it can detect a hidden agenda, it can smell a person from a distance, it can tell the difference between his master and a foreigner, you cannot deceive jack by bringing a Nnamdi Kanu lookalike hoping he will jump on him in acceptance, Meanwhile, Nigerians has proven to be  a lower class of animals by foolishly accepting the gimmicks of the Hausa Fulani oligarchy who have produced and presented various versions of dead Buhari to continue as president despite news reports from reputable media claims of his death early last year, yet dumb Nigerians blindly accepted the Sudanese replica "Jubril" as their President despite obvious difference in body size, height, mental capability, etc. Even Kanu's dog Jack cannot be fooled to this extent.

Therefore, with these few facts, I hope I have been able to convince you that Jack is better than most Nigerians.
Thank you for reading.

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