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Poetic Mourning: Black September

wrtah of God

On the 11th  it all begun,
Up until 14th, many were gone
And it was a disaster,
That Huge Biafra massacre
By the Nigerian soldiers
That took place in Aba
And in Umuahia.

I remember
How it all happened,
Those ugly incidents.
I remember,
How I cried to Providence
For Justice.
I remember
That bloody night
The enemies to us brought fight
I remember,
Those gruesome days,
To others were moments of Bliss,
But to Biafrans, sorrow and griefs!
I remember,
That Black September Month
In the year 2017
When demons in uniforms
Were unleashed on the Biafrans
Right inside their lands.

This sacrilege
Was encouraged
By our own sons,
By our own daughters,
By our own mothers,
By our own fathers,
Even by our own leaders.
They are the sellouts,
The Ifeajunas,
And the bad blood of our time.

Who could have believed it,
That a brother
Would turn against his own brother;
A sister
Would betray her own sister;
A mother
Would go against her own daughter;
A leader,
Would sell his own people,
To the enemies because of peanuts?
They have gone nuts!
Sadly, this horrific incident
Truly went down
Right inside our own town!

To those who lost their lives,
In this planned evil,
We grieve,
And we believe
Thy killers shall not go unpunished;
No peace for the wicked
Rest on,
Till we meet to part no more.

But all of you Saboteurs,
Who out of people's sufferings, feed fats
Have you no shame?
What type of game
Are you playing with your people's fame?
Thou art a disgrace
To your own race!

Be warned,
For the storm is coming,
Coming, coming, coming,
The wrath of God,
The Lord's anger,
An unquenchable fire;
Shall descend upon the wicked
Should they fail
To amend their evil ways!

Not by right
Not by might
But by desire
Send down your fire
Oh, Lord of Host!
We implore thee
To set us free
From this abominable entity,
Called Nigeria
That we may praise you forever.

By Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

Edited & Published by IPOB WRITERS PRESS
Contact: ipobwriters@ipob.org
Twitter: @ipob_writers



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